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Halo Composer Martin O’Donnell Considering Retiring Amidst Legal Issues

Halo and Destiny composer Martin O’Donnell is considering leaving the gaming industry amidst legal issues, according to some now-deleted Tweets.

As reported by Pure Xbox, Martin O’Donnell took to Twitter last night to voice his concerns, where he talked about considering leaving the gaming industry, as well as stating that he might have to shut his YouTube channel down. The Tweets have since been deleted, but one remains where Martin asks his followers to consider buying the Golem soundtrack to help with legal bills.

The tweets started with Martin saying, “I’m thinking about retiring from the games industry for good”. He was asked by his followers to elaborate on the sudden news, but all he would say is “Ask Pete Parsons”. After that, he linked his YouTube channel and said “Oh, by the way. I’ll be forced to shut this down soon”.

The last Tweet he sent out that was then deleted was the request to buy the Golem soundtrack to help with the legal bills. One version of that Tweet remains on his profile, but a deleted one says that it’s all down to “corporate bullying”.

For those who don’t know, Pete Parsons is the CEO of Bungie. Martin O’Donnell composed all of Bungie’s Halo games and even did work for Destiny, although all of his tracks went unused in the end. O’Donnell sued Bungie successfully for unpaid wages back in 2014, so it doesn’t seem like this is related to that situation.

However, it does seem like whatever Martin is Tweeting about is related to Bungie and Pete Parsons in some manner, as he directly calls Parsons out in the deleted Tweets and says this his retirement is due to corporate bullying.

The mention of legal bills doesn’t seem to be related to the Destiny incident, so it’s possible that a new lawsuit has been brought up that we haven’t been told about just yet. If it is indeed a legal issue, then it’s likely that Martin can’t talk about the details publicly yet, although if the case progresses then it’s likely to come out soon.

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