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Hades Is Finally Getting More Merchandise With A Zagreus Figure From Good Smile

Supergiant Games has finally realized the shocking lack of Hades merchandise and is teaming up with Good Smile to create a Zagreus figure.

The figure was announced as part of Wonderful Life Hobby, where Good Smile and other participating companies announced some of the things that they’re working on. There were lots of figures announced, but by far the most exciting one is the Zagreus one.

After the figure was announced, Supergiant Games took to Twitter to show it off saying, “We’re really looking forward to seeing Zagreus brought to life in figurine form, especially knowing he’ll be in the capable hands of Good Smile, who’ve crafted so many of our favorite figures!! Stay tuned for more details on this project down the line.”

The wording in this Tweet and the lack of any kind of information about the figure makes it clear that this is still a ways off, but it’s exciting nonetheless. The only detail about the figure currently is the fact that it’ll feature Zagreus, but it’s not clear what pose he’ll be in just yet.

The announcement of Hades merchandise is a big deal considering how little is actually out there right now. The Supergiant store only lists CDs and a Vinyl of the soundtrack as well as a poster, which isn’t much considering how popular Hades ended up being. The most out-there piece of merch is a t-shirt so hopefully, this figure is the first sign that more is coming.

Good Smile has previously made figures for characters like Link and the Persona 5 characters, as well as making Nenodroids and action figures. Generally, the figures are usually static statues that feature the character in a pose of some kind, rather than moveable figures. Considering Good Smile also makes Nenodroids, it’s possible that we could see Zagreus and other Hades characters take that form later down the line.

Hades might soon be reaching a much larger audience, as it was recently rated for PS4 in Korea, with Take-Two listed as the publisher.

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