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Gundam Evolution: 10 Most Powerful Ultimates

Along with its hectic, intense 6v6 hero shooter action, Gundam Evolution borrows one important gameplay element from Overwatch: Ultimate Abilities. Called "G-Maneuvers," every Mobile Suit packs a powerful ability that charges up over the course of the match and can turn the tide of battle on its own.

Not every G-Maneuver is created equal, though, and some Mobile Suits will find theirs far outclassing the competition. While you shouldn't pick a Mobile Suit solely for its G-Maneuver, this list will help you identify the best of the best, so you both know which to use and which to look out for.

10/10 DOM Trooper – Screaming Nimbus

Between its rocket launcher, sensor mines, and armor gun, the DOM Trooper is a powerful support unit in its own right. Its Ultimate Ability, though, turns it into an unstoppable tank, completely negating damage from the front while charging forward.

Any enemies struck by the charge take damage, knockback, and lose their shields for a moment on top of that. Additionally, the DOM Trooper's allies are granted temporary health and movement speed to follow up its charge. It's best unleashed at the beginning of a fight to cause mayhem in the enemy team.

9/10 Pale Rider – HADES

The Pale Rider's G-Maneuver isn't anything flashy; for a short duration, it gets a massive bonus to movement speed for itself, and reload speed and damage for its assault rifle. These are substantial bonuses, though, and turn the Pale Rider into an absolute menace while active.

The Pale Rider retains its healing ability and grenades for the duration as well, turning it into the ultimate all-purpose Mobile Suit. So long as your aim is decent, you'll be dishing out damage that few other Mobile Suits can hope to attain. The simplicity of this ability also makes it attractive for new players.

8/10 Methuss – Energy Cable

The Methuss is already a fantastic support unit with its healing link cable and gun turret. Its G-Maneuver allows it to effectively give Pale Rider to any Mobile Suit in the game. For a short duration, its linked ally gains massively increased damage while taking substantially less in turn.

Ultimately, the use you get out of Methuss's G-Maneuver is dependent on who you use it on. You'll want to primarily focus on allies who are in the thick of the fight, allowing them to soak up damage and dish out more in turn. Using it on flankers who could use the extra damage isn't a bad idea either.

7/10 GM Sniper 2 – Sensor Visor

The GM Sniper's Sensor Visor may not deal any damage, but don't underestimate its effectiveness. For the duration, the GM Sniper and all of its allies gain the ability to see the entire enemy team through walls. This is useful for any Mobile Suit, but especially for a sniper.

On top of that, the GM Sniper gains reduced thruster gauge usage while in the air, and can scope its rifle while hovering. This enhanced mobility gives it access to many angles that are otherwise unaccessible. Beware of the GM Sniper while its ultimate is active, or you'll likely get sniped out of nowhere.

6/10 Guntank – Launch Core Fighter

Overwatch players will recognize Guntank's G-Maneuver. It functions very similarly to Junkrat's Rip-Tire; a controllable explosive device that will absolutely devastate anybody hit by it, at the cost of having a health bar and leaving your main body totally vulnerable.

Guntank's G-Maneuver has one big advantage, though; it can fly. This gives you access to a whole host of unexpected angles that will take even the most well-prepared teams by surprise. This also makes it much more difficult to shoot down before it reaches its target. Just make sure your main body is safe and secure before use.

5/10 Gundam Barbatos – Alaya-Vijnana System

Mouthful of a name beside, Gundam Barbatos's G-Maneuver gives it access to three aimable high-powered slashes in a row. As a melee assassin that focuses on destroying one target and then getting out, this G-Maneuver gives Barbatos a much-needed tool; area damage.

All three slices deal massive damage and can pierce an unlimited number of enemy Mobile Suits. They're also very fast and can even go into the air, making Barbatos extremely difficult to track for the duration. You'll often be taking out multiple enemy Mobile Suits before they know what hit them

4/10 Sazabi – Funnels

The Sazabi's massive shield and shotgun already make it an ideal tank, but its G-Maneuver makes it even better at dishing out damage behind protection. For a short duration, Funnels will emerge and automatically attack all enemies in a massive radius.

Automatically dealing damage is already great, but having that on top of a Mobile Suit that's well-protected and difficult to take down is the cherry on top. Unleashing your Funnels in the middle of a fight is often enough to take down several members of the enemy team without having to do much more. That makes it one of the best mechs in your arsenal.

3/10 Gundam – Super Napalm Grenade

As the original Gundam, Amuro Ray's Mobile Suit packs a suitable powerful G-Maneuver. The RX-78 Gundam throws out a napalm grenade which explodes after a short wind-up. The explosion lingers in a massive radius, dealing huge fire damage to anybody caught inside.

While the Super Napalm Grenade has an obvious visual indicator, its area denial and damage are unparalleled. At the bare minimum, you can force the enemy team off of a point or chokehold for a very long time, enough for your own team to push in or regroup, even better if you can coordinate it with friends.

2/10 Unicorn Gundam – Beam Magnum

The Unicorn Gundam is already an excellent support-damage hybrid with its passive healing and armor granting. Its G-Maneuver emphasizes the damage by giving it five high-damage, high-area, piercing shots in a row from its Beam Magnum.

These shots do excellent damage altogether and their piercing capabilities make them excellent in a chaotic fight. While they do have a short wind-up and indicator, enemies will have little time to dodge when the rest of your team is firing upon them.

1/10 Turn A Gundam – Moonlight Butterfly

The Moonlight Butterfly is a feared and legendary technique in its own right in Gundam canon, and it more than lives up to this reputation in Evolution. The Turn A Gundam takes you to the skies, flying through the air and raining destruction upon anybody below it.

This move has a few weaknesses; the Turn A Gundam can't stop moving forward during it, and it suffers in maps with low ceilings. Its incredible damage output, though, is enough to make any weaknesses negligible. One good pass over the enemy team is almost always enough to completely devastate them.

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