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GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition Finally Releases On Steam, Still A Buggy Mess

GTA Trilogy: Definitve Edition was the game everyone thought they wanted – a remastered collection of some of the best GTA games in the series. Unfortunately, to say it launched in a buggy state is an understatement, as Rockstar itself was forced to apologize due to the state of the game at launch. Fast forward a little over a year and the game has finally released on Steam.

You would have assumed that Rockstar used the time between launch and the Steam release to iron out all of the issues raised by fans before trying to sell the game again on a different platform. While a handful of problems have been fixed, Rockstar fans have been left dumbstruck as GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition is still the same buggy mess that players already know it as.

In the replies to Rockstar's tweet announcing the game's release on Steam (thanks Kotaku), a large number of fans can be seen taking umbrage with the fact that Rockstar has released a game it knows has a tonne of issues, albeit with a hefty discount. Twitter users such as videotech and KifflomGames are getting a fair amount of support for calling the company a "disgrace" and calling it out for its "inappropriate" behavior.

User reviews for the games on Steam aren't great at the minute either, with reviews for the Definitive editions of both GTA 3 and GTA: San Andreas labelled as 'Mixed', with GTA: Vice City sat a little higher at 'Mostly Positive'. Just like fans on Twitter, a lot of the negative reviews criticise Rockstar for the poor performance and even call the games a downgrade over the originals.

It's unknown as to whether we'll see any more patches released in the future, but considering the last was in February 2022, I wouldn't hold your breath.

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