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GTA Player Has Been Bussing Around Los Santos After Failing Their San Andreas Driving Test

Everyone who has played Grand Theft Auto for longer than an hour has spent a very brief amount of time trying to be a law-abiding citizen. Stopping at red lights, fighting the urge to beat up a pedestrian, that sort of thing. One player has taken that to the next level. After failing their in-game driving test, they've turned to GTA's online community for alternate ways to get around Los Santos.

MotorDesigner shared screenshots from their in-game driving test which has been pieced together by the San Andreas DMV. To pass the test you need to know what to do if you're the first on the scene in an accident, and the correct way to stop when picking up a prostitute. You know, standard stuff.

Unfortunately, MotorDesigner didn't know how they are supposed to act in some of those situations and failed their test. That's when they turned to Reddit and asked other players for a lift to their bunker. They have received a slew of solid nos, and most of the alternatives thrown out there have been shot down. No stealing cars due to past issues, and no flying a helicopter because, well, if you can't pass a driving test, there's not much chance you'll pass a flying one.

The most popular alternative to getting around San Andreas when you can't drive appears to be using public transport. While buses are fine, one helpful reply has highlighted the benefits of using GTA Online's metro. That the trains are indestructible means you are well protected from griefers, and you also have your hands freed up to use weapons of your own since you're not the one driving.

Handy tips for anyone who partakes in GTA's very popular role-playing community. A corner of the community where players assume roles and jobs and effectively turn the game into a life sim. A fresh way to play the game for those of you who are fed up with waiting for GTA 6. The new game is probably still a few years away even though the world got its first look at it via some very high-profile leaks a couple of weeks ago.

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