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GTA 5 DOWN: GTA Online servers offline alongside Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online and GTA 5 Online servers are down tonight, according to thousands of new reports.

Down detector sites are confirming an outage of Rockstar servers, which started within the last hour and appears to be affecting both games across multiple platforms.

It’s unclear what has caused the multiplayer problems with GTA Online and Red Dead Online, or how long it might last.

Players are speculating over what might be the cause, although it appears this outage is not worldwide.

“Servers are temporary Down right now, Rockstar might be experiencing a DDoS attack against their servers, it that why they haven’t acknowledged that their servers are down?” one user writes.

Another adds: “Restart your device then delete GTA 5. next: unplug your device and throw it out the window. problem solved.”

While this latest outage will prove frustrating for gamers stuck in the clouds, the good news is that there is no reason to believe this problem can’t be fixed quickly.

If issues continue, Rockstar Games is expected to share a statement online regarding GTA 5 and Red Dead Online.


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