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Greg Heffley’s Finger Just Went Up Baby Yoda’s Butt For Thanksgiving

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade had a bit of a close encounter with the Baby Yoda balloon, and by close encounter we mean that Greg's finger accidentally went up Grogu's butt.

One of the biggest Thanksgiving traditions in America is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which sees massive balloons of popular characters like Goku, Boss Baby, and Snoopy flying high into the air. These massive versions of pop-culture icons regularly lead to some pretty great memeable moments and this year's parade is no different thanks to The Mandalorian's Grogu and Diary of a Wimpy Kid's Greg Heffley.

This year's parade sees a Greg Heffley float that is dramatically pointing and trying to touch a piece of cheese. This unique pose was bound to cause some problems if Greg got close to another balloon, and that's exactly what happened when the Grogu float was backed up during the parade, leading to Greg Heffley's finger going straight up Grogu's butt. Steady on, lads, there are kids watching.

To make matters worse, the moment was captured by Diary of a Wimpy Kid's creator, Jeff Kinney, who tweeted a picture of the two floats getting to know each other and said, "Well this is awkward", garnering close to 70,000 likes in the process. This certainly won't help Greg Heffley's infamous reputation.

Despite only happening just a few hours ago, the incident has already inspired some fan art from Twitter users, such as umcabe_ludo, who drew a more realistic version of the events to haunt your memory forevermore. As the old saying goes – Macy's Thanksgiving parade giveth, and the internet taketh away.

In all fairness, the Greg Heffley float was bound to be memed even if he hadn't gotten a little too friendly with Grogu, again thanks to a photo posted by Jeff Kinney. The photo, which was posted after the Grogu incident, shows a "cheese POV" and has Greg pointing down at the camera, which is already being turned into memes.

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