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Grandpa’s Bed Mods Are Taking Over Stardew Valley And They Are Glorious

Modders are going wild creating strange mods that change Grandpa's Bed in Stardew Valley.

For those who haven't got sucked into Stardew Valley, the setup for the game has your grandpa passing away and your player inheriting his land, which is where the real game begins. The original scene just has the grandpa lying in bed with a letter sticking out of his hand to give the player, but modders are taking it one step further and changing it to make it even more memeable.

Jumping over to Nexus Mods shows that the page is absolutely filled with mods that take Grandpa's death scene and make it a whole lot weirder. Here are some of the best examples that we managed to find, but keep in mind that there are loads of these out there at the moment, so there's sure to be a grandpa's bed mod for you.

Let's start off with this very timely mod from ebuaskew that has Kirby using Mouthful Mode on grandpa's bed. I wonder what kind of powers he'd have?

Here's a pretty morbid mod from evilinu that has two, presumably relatives, of grandpa using his literal deathbed as a ping-pong table. He just died, you guys.

Much like poor Grandpa, I'm losing the will to live. This mod from Novamare takes things to their logical conclusion and makes grandpa the bed. No wonder he's about to pass away, people have probably been lying on him his whole life.

Well now this is just cruel. Modder aux1printer decided that Grandpa literally dying wasn't bad enough and decided to give him a slightly worse bed. Really kicking a man while he's down there.

Now here's the clear winner of the bunch. This mod from beepsignal removes the bed entirely and instead just had grandpa posing like he's just died in Family Guy. Shut it down, folks, there's no topping this.

Oh wait, never mind, Shrimperator has only gone and done it by making grandpa's bed the envelope. Look at that tiny bed he's holding.

What's especially great about all of these mods is that they only change about five seconds of the game overall, and yet modders are still working hard to create the stupidest mods possible. This is exactly what we love to see.

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