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Grand Theft Auto Online: First Dose 1 – Welcome To The Troupe Walkthrough

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  • Before Starting The Mission
  • Welcome To The Troupe Walkthrough

First Dose is a set of six missions in Grand Theft Auto Online that introduces a larger storyline called the Los Santos Drug Wars. GTA Online is notoriously obtuse at times when it comes to starting new story arcs, including what players need to buy, whether the missions can be tackled solo, and what players need to prepare to smoothly beat the missions.

The following guide takes you through these opening steps to unlock the mission arc and then provides a full walkthrough for the first mission, titled First Dose 1 – Welcome To The Troupe. While relatively easy to unlock, the mission itself is combat-intensive, so be prepared for a lot of shooting.

Before Starting The Mission

Mission Requirements

Unlike many other expansions, you don't need a big in-game cash investment to play this update. In fact, you don't need any money at all. You will simply receive a call from Ron Wade to meet him in the northern area of the map.

Can It Be Played Solo?

All six missions can be played Solo or with up to three other friends. Of course, the missions are more manageable with friends, but you shouldn't have a problem taking on the combat challenges present here if you are accustomed to GTA 5's combat.

How Should You Prepare?

If you don't have these weapons already, you should buy the following weapons:

  • Grenade Launcher (available for purchase after rank 60)
  • Special Carbine MK II (Unlocked during Doomsday Heist, use the Carbine MK II if you haven't unlocked this weapon)
  • Grenades

Additionally, you should head to the Ammu-Nation and buy as much of the heaviest body armor as you can. The number you can buy depends on your level, but we recommend being at least level 50 to buy Super Heavy Armor.

Then, go to a convenience store and buy as many healing items at the counter. Approach the clerk and press the relevant button to enter the menu. With all of this done, you should be ready to actually start the mission.

Welcome To The Troupe Walkthrough

To start the mission, simply head to the "R" on the north side of the map. It is a gas station and liquor store. It will be the same "R" as the smuggler's run update and they are close to each other.

This one is in front of a gas station, however. Once you start the mission, there will be a small cutscene introducing the new characters. The meeting is interrupted by The Lost MC, leading to your first objective, which is to clear them out of the area.

Clearing The Lost MC

The mission starts with you in cover. Stay here and kill the enemies from this point.

If you are on a console, we recommend playing with aim assist, since enemies in GTA Online are extremely accurate and will do a lot of damage if you pop out from behind cover for too long.

Some cars will pull up, so use the Grenade Launcher or other explosives to blow them up immediately. After taking out some enemies here, more will start showing up to the left of you. Leave the cover and head to the left side of the roof. The enemies are further away but you should still be able to lock on.

They will then start showing up from behind you, which forces you to go inside the building (but stay on the second floor). Take cover under the window and shoot the enemies from above.

Be careful with your Grenade Launcher here if you use it. It is very easy to accidentally miss the window and detonate it inside the building, which might kill Dax and cause the mission to fail.

Fortunately, there are plenty of exploding barrels and gas tanks below. Shoot these to kill multiple enemies at once. After this, they will start running and there will be some stragglers. Either let them leave or shoot them as they run.

Recovering Dax's RV

Dax will then ask you to recover his stolen van from the Lost MC. He will mark a boat for you to take, which you can reach on foot (it is marked on the map with a white boat icon. Take the boat north across the lake to find the vehicle. The Van is in the middle of the compound surrounded by guards.

Use the cover from the pier to kill as many as possible. Slowly making your way forward. Going straight toward the van leaves you open to enemy fire with little cover. Instead, go behind the building to the left.

On the other side, the van will be in front of you, and you can use the building as cover to clear out the enemies nearby. There might still be some enemies, but it should be safe enough to steal the van.

Picking Up Dax

After leaving the compound with the van, Dax will call you and tell you to pick him up at the gas station. On your way there, you will be occasionally attacked by Motorcycles.

If they are coming toward you, you can kill them immediately by hitting them straight on.

If they are coming from behind, you can shoot from your vehicle.

The van has limited health, but it should have more than enough to withstand the gunfire.

Once you pick up Dax he will direct you toward a factory in the city which will be the new base of operations. The Lost MC will still attack you until you are close, so just follow the same strategy as before. Dax eventually signals that they are all gone, and it should be a smooth ride to the new base, marking the end of the mission.

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