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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Avatar Belial Move List And Strategy Guide

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Granblue Fantasy Versus has gone through plenty of updates recently. Among them is the inclusion of Avatar Belial in its latest DLC character pack. However, if you're still playing through the primary RPG mode campaign, you may not be familiar with Belial's terrifying Avatar form yet. But be warned, with the Versus core vested in his body, Avatar Belial is even more dangerous than Beelzebub could ever be!

Avatar Belial's playstyle is just as cunning and beguiling as his personality. There are plenty of opportunities for misdirects and fakeouts at the cost of his life force. However, Avatar Belial can deal a world of hurt when up close. Keep reading this guide for a breakdown of Avatar Belial's move list, how to use his skills in battle, and what to do when you're facing him in a match.

Move List


LLight Attack
MMedium Attack
HHeavy Attack
UUnique Action
AbSkill Button

Unique Attack

HabakkukU (chargeable)
  • Projectile attack.
  • It does not hit crouching opponents but can cover the whole screen.
  • You can delay the attack's release through charging.
PactU or ⬆️ + U (on hit or block, only after specific attacks)
  • Deals minor damage to Avatar Belial.
  • Can follow-up any skill besides Blind Devotion and Wings Bestowed.
  • U version warps forward and kicks the opponent upwards.
  • ⬆️ + U version warps forward and steps on the opponent.


MoveSimple Input [can be altered by adding + M/H]Technical InputNotes
Rejected TruthAb⬇️↘️➡️ + L or H
  • Projectile attack.
  • L version travels halfway across the screen.
  • H version travels the whole screen. It also has a faster cooldown at the expense of minor damage to Avatar Belial.
Destructive DelusionsAb + M⬇️↘️➡️ + M
  • Projectile attack
  • The attack shoots multiple projectiles over an expansive range.
  • Effective anti-air, especially for catching opponents expecting to jump over Rejected Truth.
Blind Devotion➡️ + Ab➡️⬇️↘️ + L or M or H
  • Invincible attack.
  • The M version cannot get blocked by opponents immediately after start-up.
  • The H version cannot get blocked by opponents throughout the attack. It also has a faster cooldown at the expense of damage to Avatar Belial.
Carnal Passion⬅️ + Ab⬇️↙️⬅️ + L or M or H
  • Advancing attack.
  • L version has a fast start-up but covers a short range.
  • M version has a slower start-up but has more range and dodges low-hitting attacks.
  • H version has a fast cooldown at the expense of damage to Avatar Belial.
↳ Follow-up⬅️ + Ab (during Carnal Passion)⬅️ + L or M or H
  • There are up to two follow-up attacks available after Carnal Passion. The first is a rising attack, and then the follow-up continues into a scythe attack.
  • Slow recovery when blocked.
  • Most suitable as a combo finisher.
Wings Bestowed⬇️ + Ab⬇️⬇️ + L or M or H
  • It leaps and allows Avatar Belial to hover for a short period.
  • It gives Avatar Belial access to various follow-ups.
  • H version has a fast cooldown at the expense of damage to Avatar Belial.
↳ StolasL (during Wings Bestowed)
  • A descending stomp attack.
  • Also useful for quickly exiting Wings Bestowed.
↳ BelethM (during Wings Bestowed)
  • Beleth is a diagonally descending attack with multiple hits upon contact with an opponent.
  • The multi-hits induce a longer block stun, allowing Avatar Belial to move before the opponent.
↳ BarbatosH (during Wings Bestowed)
  • Barbatos is a contact throw that gets performed on grounded foes.
  • It Deals massive damage.
  • Effective against opponents conditioned to block.
↳ Habakkuk (Midair)U (during Wings Bestowed)
  • Projectile attack.
  • It covers an extended range of the screen.
  • It has a changing trajectory and administers multiple hits when charged.

Skybound Art (Requires 100 Percent SBA Gauge)

MoveSimple InputTechnical InputNotes
Diafthora⬇️↘️➡️ + Ab (ground/midair)⬇️↘️➡️ ⬇️↘️➡️ + H (ground/mid-air)
  • Invincible attack.
  • Works on the ground or mid-air.
  • This rising attack leads into a lunge attack towards the ground.

Super Skybound Art (Requires 100 Percent SBA Gauge And 30 Percent Or Less HP)

MoveSimple InputTechnical InputNotes
Wild Sun⬇️↘️➡️ + Ab + U⬇️↘️➡️⬇️↘️➡️ + U
  • Invincible attack.
  • Command throw.
  • If the attack whiffed, Belial releases a full-screen projectile attack instead.

Strategy Guide

There are many offensive and defensive strategies to rely on when playing Avatar Belial. However, a lot of his playstyle is balancing risk vs. reward.

On the one hand, Avatar Belial can apply a lot of pressure with close-range attacks. For instance, Carnal Passion leads into two follow-up hits when it successfully contacts your opponent. The launching effect of these follow-ups alone provides plenty of juggling opportunities that will continue to chip away at your opponent's health. On top of this, Pact offers another follow-up attack for specific skills, including Carnal Passion.

If you can master this combo string, you are already on your way to getting the most out of Avatar Belial's skillset:

  • Carnal Passion
  • Follow-up
  • Follow-up
  • Pact

Furthermore, many heavy versions of Avatar Belial's skills have a fast recovery, which is excellent for gaining frame advantage and continuing combo strings. Unfortunately, these heightened effects come at the cost of Belial's health. Still, the minor damage effects incurred when using these heavy-level skills are more than worth it once you have mastered your combo strings.

Avatar Belial has some zoning skills up his sleeve on the defensive end of a battle. For instance, his unique action, Habakkuk, is a projectile attack that covers the full range of the screen. While its start-up is a little slow, you can use it to keep opponents at bay or cover yourself while you close in. The attack's only drawback is that it cannot hit crouching opponents.

Avatar Belial also has access to two more projectile attacks, Rejected Truth and Destructive Delusions. Both attacks have similar start-up animations. However, Rejected Truth is a grounded projectile, while Destructive Delusions launches several projectiles at varying trajectories. Switching between both moves is a great way to fake out your opponents and keep them guessing.

Another dynamic skill to take advantage of is Wings Bestowed. This move launches Avatar Belial into mid-air for a brief period. On its own, it serves as a strong dodge. However, since it has multiple follow-up attacks at its disposal, Wings Bestowed can also punish your opponents for whiffed attacks. For instance, you can quickly attack grounded foes with Stolas, induce a block stun with Beleth, or cover a wide range with a mid-air version of Habakkuk​​​​​.

Match-Ups Against Avatar Belial

When fighting Avatar Belial, the best way to gain the upper hand is to learn how to avoid and then punish his projectile attacks. Unfortunately, this task is tricky since Avatar Belial can mix Rejected Truth and Destructive Delusions at will.

Rejected Truth is easier to avoid since you can evade it by jumping over it like a rock jump rope. However, a dodge or crossover can avoid Rejected Truth and Destructive Delusions, making it a more practical choice. Furthermore, a crossover can allow you to punish Belial's attack.

Another opportunity to punish Avatar Belial is when he whiffs Barbatos, a diagonally descending attack following Wings Bestowed. Taking a few steps back to avoid Barbatos leaves Avatar Belial open for easy punishment.

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