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God Of War Ragnarok Player Spots Hidden Detail Hinting At Odin’s Plan

Now that players have had a fair bit of time with God of War Ragnarok, tons of little hints and can be found dotted across Kratos and Atreus' journey across the Nine Realms. This time it isn't Odin himself doing a cheeky bit of foreshadowing, but what appears to be a rare slip-up from the God that hints at important plot details if you manage to spot it. This is your warning that we'll be talking endgame God of War Raganrok spoilers.

One of the biggest twists in God of War Ragnarok that almost no one saw coming was Odin's impersonation of Tyr. There are a few hints before the revelation occurs though, one of which was recently spotted by an eagle-eyed fan and shared on the God of War subreddit.

As you can see in the image that u/Careful_Management52 shares, after Atreus returns to Asgard from his outing with Thor in Musphelheim, you can find Odin looking at a bunch of books on a desk. One of these book appears to depict a drawing of the Realm Travel method that Brok and Sindri created. Of course, Odin would have no knowledge of this method if he wasn't masquerading as Tyr, making this a very subtle hint that Odin knows a lot more than he appears to.

If you think this is a slight coincidence or just a stock asset, leave the area with Atreus. Once you return, you'll see that Odin has disappeared, along with the page with the Realm Travel sketch on it. Pretty sneaky stuff, and another example of Santa Monica cleverly leaving hints towards Odin's deception for the more eagle-eyed players to potentially find.

It's a game packed with secrets that some players have yet to even discover. For example, some fans recently discovered that the Mystical Heirloom can actually trigger a secret boss fight with a dragon in the dwarven realm of Svartalfheim. The content just never stops.

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