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God Of War Ragnarok Merchandise Points To September Release

God of War Ragnarök has a brand-new merchandise line at Geeky Zone which is releasing this September, potentially coinciding with the game. You can pre-order a Kratos plushy, a cap, a beanie, and more.

The pre-orders are live for another 126 days which lines up with September 29, possibly hinting at a late September launch. This is the closest we have to a concrete release window as, right now, there's no confirmed date from Sony aside from late 2022.

If you don't know, Geeky Zone is a UK-based store that sells everything from Pokeballs to Mandalorian figures to Marvel hoodies, with plenty of other landmark gaming series also dotting its merchandising line. Its newer Ragnarök merch is themed around the new game with one, a shirt, even featuring an older Atreus as seen in the trailer.

The pre-order date could be a placeholder, and it's entirely possible it was a mistake on the site's part, so take this with a grain of salt, but if this merch is in fact set to launch alongside the new game, September might be our best estimate so far. However, until Sony comes out and says something concrete, all we can do is speculate.

But earlier today, God of War Ragnarök was rated in Korea, also pointing to an imminent release. The decision was made only yesterday which is something that is only normally done when the game is at the end of development and about to release. September is four months away, so the timeline adds up.

In the meantime, Sony has greenlit a God of War show on Amazon, a Horizon Zero Dawn show on Netflix, and a Grand Turismo show for a yet-unknown service. Kratos is going to be making the leap from the god-slaying video games that birthed him to the television screen, but in the meantime, we might just find ourselves witnessing the end of the Nordic pantheon.

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