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God Of War Ragnarok Gets The PS1 Demake Treatment

Whether or not it would live up to its predecessor was debatable, but God of War Ragnarok was alway going to be a visual spectacle. The team at Santa Monica Studio have painstakingly recreated the nine realms, and on top of that, added a layer of destruction that Fimbulwinter brings along with it. Add to that the colourful cast of characters, and creatures, and we've got a sure-shot GOTY contender here. But, as has been the trend, not even Kratos and Atreus can escape the PS1 demake treatment.

If you're unfamiliar with this trend, it involves recreating the trailer for a modern game to make it look like one for the original PlayStation. That means the visual quality takes a nosedive, character models look like polygons, and the once gorgeous trailer eventually looks like something that launched before our younger readers were even born. Watching the original trailer before a PS1 demake helps with comparison too.

As spotted by Eurogamer, we have YouTuber Jackarte to thank for this particular demake. They put in the additional effort of adding the PlayStation boot-up sequence too. We start off with a shot of Kratos and Atreus sledding across the frozen Midgard. Their sled is being pulled by two wolves who appear to be prancing across the sheet of ice, while the Leviathan Axe looks like a tool right out of Minecraft.

The next shot shows Freya turn from the Twitter logo into a hideous monster without a neck, who then attacks Krat— oh, that's just her normal look. We then see Atreus open the door to who can only be Noob Saibot, while Kratos fights what is clearly a triceratops. Thor has a hoof instead of a hand for some reason, but the Aesir are weird anyway. And finally, we get a shot of a Kratos greeting a swamp hag – no, that's Tyr.

We also get a shot of the disc cover, and in all honesty, there's not much that Jackarte could do with that, considering how bland the actual one looks. Their YouTube page is filled with demakes of all kinds, and even a side-by-side comparison of the trailer.

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