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God Of War Ragnarok, Forging Destiny Walkthrough

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  • Myrkr Tunnels
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Having just had a not-so-useful conversation with fate itself, Kratos is now set on a familiar path: the path of violence. God of War Ragnarok's Forging Destiny quest line will take you through the Myrkr Tunnels and will see you return to The Forge. Yes, this is a quest which will take you above and below!

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Myrkr Tunnels

You will start the Forging Destiny in the underground tunnels of Svartalheim. On your left there will be one of those Twilight Stones (the reflective stones you encountered in Alfheim). Head toward it and you will find a treasure chest opposite it. Now, head to the other end of this hallway. Burn the vines (you will need to hex them with Freya first) on your right and crawl into the tunnel that is revealed. You will be able to grab some Hacksilver pouches in here. Now, leave the tunnel and explode the red barrel with your Blades of Chaos. Move through the hole in the gate.

Head down the tunnel, and you will encounter your first Wicked Grims (two of them). These Grims are extremely quick, and have extremely long-range attacks. While they can be a nuisance, they aren't particularly resilient. So, if you yank them toward you with your Blades of Chaos you will likely find that they die pretty quickly. There will be another set of Grims around the corner once you finish off this pair.

If you are feeling fancy, you can aim for the Twilight Stone on the left and ricochet your axe into the Wicked Grims. This does a considerable amount of damage.

From the spot where you fought the first group of Wicked Grims, you will see a wall of vines at the end of the hallway. Burn these to reveal another chest. Now, keep traveling along the main path, and you will come up against a gate with an explosive on the other end of it. There is a puddle of flammable liquid on the ground; ignite the fluid, and you will blow a hole in that gate. You are going to encounter a large group of Grims. There are giant drums of oil in this area. Hit their spouts with a weapon, and the oil will come pouring out. If you catch a few Grims standing on one of these, ignite it. Similarly, there are explosive barrels around that can be ignited for a similar effect.

There is a chest on the right of the main chamber where you fought that large group of Grims. Once you are ready, you will find a cart blocking your path in the left corner. Move the cart, then head left at the fork. You will encounter a mess of vines; burn them and open the Legendary Chest.

Now, head back to the fork. Find the chain, pull it down, and then have Freya shoot the gear with her runic arrows. Now, throw your axe at the gear, it will freeze it. Let go of the chain, and reposition yourself so that you are staring at the Twilight Stone from an angle. Now, recall the axe, Freya's hex will hold the freezing effect on the gear for a period of time. Aim your axe at the stone so that it will ricochet over the fence and hit the second gear.

Enter The Bergsra

Unlike the Bergsra Mother whom you have already fought, this Bergsra does not spawn the obnoxious Wretches. Instead, it breathes a smog that, if ignited, will explode. Conveniently (not for you), they also have a hard-hitting fire-based projectile. Naturally, if this projectile hts the smog, it will cause an explosion. So, the moral of the story is that we don't want to be close to the smog. Smog bad. Beyond those two attacks, the lunging attacks that the Bergsra has are the same as the Mother variant. What makes this creature tough is that they do a lot of damage, and they don't take much themselves.

Stay on the Bergsra with your fire-based Blades of Chaos attacks; you can ignite the smog yourself as it is coming out of its mouth, eliminating the threat.

Once you kill the Bergsra, look up above; there are two troughs up here. The one on the left is the one you are going to concern yourself with. Just freeze the trough near over the waterwheel so that the water spills over, spins the wheel, and opens the gate. You will now be able to progress.

This next area will start you facing the Norn chest (which will be at the end of the hall). This one is pretty easy. The first rune brazier is on your right, behind some crates. The next rune will be on your left, right out in the open. The final rune will be at the back of the room, behind a gate. You will need to create a line of hexes with Freya, then ignite them to light the brazier. And with that, you will be able to claim the Idunn apple from Norn Chest.

Now, travel along the main path, and you will encounter a Grim which will instantly be possessed by a Nightmare. This will make it invincible. Your goal is to stun it, which will separate the Grim from the Nightmare. So, bury your axe into it, and pummel it with your fists. Once you separate and kill them, take a left. You will enter into a giant room filled with Grims.

This room has some hazards you can use against your enemies, such as a giant keg of oil. However, fighting a bunch of fast-moving monsters in a giant room can create a number of problems, especially since many of them have projectiles. So, instead, we suggest luring them into the tunnel you came from. This will make it much easier for you to line them up with your axe, and it makes it a lot harder for them to flank you.

You will fight another possessed Grim here. Make sure to kill the Nightmare the instant you separate it from the Grim.

Once you have cleared out the Grims, grab the treasure chest on the left, then climb the chain on the right to grab a red chest. Now, climb the giant chain. You will enter into an area with a wheel that needs turning. Do so, and you will shift which trough has water flow through it in the room where you fought the Bergsra. Now, jump down, and backtrack until you are in the room where you fought the first possessed Grim. Once you enter this room, take a left, and you will be back in the room with the troughs.

Now, all that is left is for you to redirect the water. You will want to have Freya shoot her runic arrow at the topmost trough, at the section above the second trough. Now, throw your axe at it, recall your axe, and the frozen dam will remain due to Freya's hex. Now, you want to freeze the second trough just above the water wheel. This will raise the gate.

After progressing, you will be confronted by two Bergsra. With how tough these things are, this is can be a pretty rough battle. But that is only if you fight fair. The tunnels where you are confronted by these creatures is filled with explosives. You are going to want to lure the Bergsra into them, then ignite the explosives. Make sure to ignite the oil on the right side of the tunnel at the beginning. Then, run away until you find another oil barrel.

Spill the oil onto the ground and aim your Blades of Chaos at the puddle. Once the Bergsra turns the corner looking for you, light it up. There is another explosive barrel around another corner. Do the same thing with that. If you play your cards right you will deal a significant amount of damage. Then you will just need to polish them off. Your Spartan Rage alone should be enough to take at least one of them out at this point.

Once you kill the Bergsras, reach into the void and pull out some treasure. Then, lift the gate, run down to the end of the tunnel, take a left, and you will be facing a red chest. Now, all you need to do is climb up to the surface. You will now be back at The Forge.

Retuning To The Forge

Once you arrive at the surface of The Forge, you will follow Brok. On the main path, you will run headfirst into a Nightmare chest. Chop it down with axe throws. Soon after, you will tussle with a small group of Gulons. Now, open the gate, and move through the Dwarven settlement. Once you arrive at the lift, get the treasure chest on the left. You won't be able to take the lift up yet, so follow Brok. You'll take out a few more Nightmare nests and arrive at a giant puzzle.

Just follow these steps to complete the puzzle. Freeze the geyser under the wheel, hop over it, and follow the path around to another geyser that had previously been under one of those metal domes. Now, recall your axe and freeze that geyser. Brok will now take control of a wheel which will open and close that metal dome. Now, retrieve your axe, and cross back over the geyser under the water wheel. Head to the left of the lift. Climb up, and have Brok open the metal dome. Now, you will have a clear shot at that geyser under the water wheel. Throw your axe at it. That should do it!

Go grab the legendary chest from behind the gate that just opened. There is a ledge nearby this chest. Hop down, freeze the geyser, and grab the chest down here. Follow Brok and clear out the Nightmares from the lift. Now, head back to the bottom of the lift and take it up. You will fight a couple of Grims up top. Now, follow Brok into an opening near the diving bell. There is a raven in this area, so be sure to take it out.

Brok will need to repair the mechanism; he will have you break up a stone or two for him. You will then accompany him into the lake, watch a cutscene, and then obtain the Draupnir Spear. Once you get to the surface, you will have a few Grims waiting for you. This is a wonderful time to get acquainted with your new weapon. Give 'em a stab with it. Once you clear them out, you will finally be able to make use of those mysterious glowing spots on walls you have been encountering all game. Toss your spear at the glowy spot, and you will be able to climb up.

Once you get to the top, you will travel through a cave and, once again, fight some Grims. You will also clear out some Nightmare nests. Nothing new. Look for another glowing spot, as it will open up a path through the giant boulder. Move through the path, and hit another glowing spot in the rock across the way, causing it to crumble. Now, you will be able to jump across the gap and collect the red chest.

Keep following Brok and you will face off against a few more Grims and some more Nightmares. Now, you will need to throw a spear into the glowing part of the wall to your right and up above. Climb up, and toss the spear into another glowing target across the way to remove the debris from your path. Then hop over to the void and claim some more treasure. You will also grab hold of your first Lyndwyrm.

Finally, you will face off against an army of Grims and two Ogres. This battle can be extremely tough if you don't know the trick. You want to stun one of the Ogres are quickly as possible. Once you stun them, you will be able to ride them around, and smash all the surrounding enemies. Using the Ogre, you will easily kill the other Ogre, and nearly all the Grims. This strategy will save you a lot of pain. So, don't worry about any of the other enemies. Toss your axe into the first Ogre and then pound it with your fists until you have it stunned. Use your Spartan Rage if you have to. Once the Ogre is stunned, you will have, more or less, won the battle.

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