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God Of War Ragnarok Director Rules Out Potential DLC

If you're someone who has experienced everything that God of War Ragnarok has to offer and you're itching for more, I have some bade news for you. Despite the open endedness of the game's finale, director Eric Williams has pretty much ruled out the game getting any form of DLC, meaning the Norse saga is officially over.

Williams dropped this bombshell during a God of War Ragnarok spoilercast in which he was asked questions by fans. Right at the end of the video, Williams is asked whether Ragnarok will get DLC even though God of War (2018) didn't get any. Williams responds by saying that Ragnarok is a pretty big game already and tells fans not to "count on" there being any additional content released in the near future.

"I don't know man that game is big," responds Williams. "I think we put everything we had into it, so I wouldn't count on it."

Williams definitely isn't wrong when he says God of War Ragnarok is "pretty big." Personally, I spent a little over 40 hours in Ragnarok and I still have end game side quests and collectibles to sweep up. However, it's fairly surprising that there doesn't seem to be any plans to carry on Ragnarok's story just a little bit given how the game actually ends. Be aware that there are big end game spoilers ahead, so duck out now if you're still trying to avoid them.

Those of you still here will know that Kratos actually does end up breaking fate and remains very much in tact at the end of Ragnarok, despite his death being prophesized at the end of God of War (2018). He does this by going against his nature and sparing Thor and Odin, leaving Atreus to make his own decisions and fend for himself. This all leads to Kratos and Atreus separating as the latter heads off with Angrboda to find the last of the giants.

This could've been potential DLC on its own, but Kratos then discovers another prophecy that depicts himself as a beloved God who is worshipped by many. He then sets out to rebuild the Nine Realms with Freya and Mimir after the events of Ragnarok. Both characters clearly have more work to do and go their separate ways to accomplish it, so it's fairly surprising we won't see how their efforts go in a shorter DLC even though the potential is there.

God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog even suggested that there are questions still yet to be answered about the ending of the game, specifically regarding the time traveling antics of Jormungandr. Barlog states that this is "a story for another game," which does suggest Santa Monica might not be done with Norse mythology just yet, but it could just have easily been explained away in DLC of some sort.

Still, it sounds pretty unlikely we'll get more God of War in the near future, and we'll unfortunately have to wait many years until we can see how Kratos and Atreus have coped without each other. Hopefully, they'll have remembered their promise to each other.

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