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Ghostrunner: All Artifacts Guide Part 1

As you dash, wall-run, platform, and slice your way up Dharma Tower in Ghostrunner, you’ll probably be moving too quick to notice any of the collectibles hidden around the levels. The parkour nature of your movement, and the level design that facilitates it, can make finding things like the artifacts as challenging as the levels themselves. While taking down the Keymaster is your primary objective, why not flex your exploration muscles, plus help you unlock the Junkrunner Trophy/Achievement.

All Artifacts In Ghostrunner

There are a whopping 35 Artifacts to find between the first and 15th level in Ghostrunner, so this guide will cover the first 18 you can come across. You will spot them as floating question marks in the environment you simply walk over to collect. Just make sure you complete the level after picking any of them up in order for them to count as collected.

Artifact One

In the first level, after you slide under a pipe and do a little wall-running, turn around before going down a ramp and wall run on the yellow wall to your left. Jump off onto a platform that leads around into the corner with the artifact.

Artifact Two

Right after your first encounter with enemies in the second level, you’ll be lead toward a point where you need to swing into a red vent. Before swinging, look around the back right of the platform to grab this artifact.

Artifact Three

During level three you’ll be climbing a series of platforms near a big red force field. Make your way around it and grapple onto the point in front of you which will lead to a hole in the floor you want to drop down. The collectible will be on the left.

Artifact Four

Around three quarters of the way through level three, you’ll enter an area where you need to go from wall to wall collecting shield balls. After all the enemies are dead there will be a switch you need to press to continue, but instead go to the opposite side of the room and grab the artifact behind some crates next to a cool little Hotline Miami Easter Egg.

Artifact Five

Now on to level four, once you’re in the room with two tracks of grapple points moving in opposite directions and some enemies, grapple to the right side of the room from the entrance. The collectible will be hidden behind a pile of junk in the corner.

Artifact Six

Still in level four, after completing the forcefield maze you’ll drop down into a platform with the collectible on your left, also behind some more junk at the edge of the platform.

Artifact Seven

The last artifact in level four, you’ll kill a group of enemies in a big room before riding on some moving platforms across and up the area. Ride one up just before it enters a furnace and leap off to a catwalk on the side of the room to find the artifact.

Artifact Eight

Now in level five, you will use a speed token to fall through a giant fan, keep moving forward until you see the second speed token. Grab it and turn around, wall run off the left and jump into the first big fan on your right. The artifact will be in the back.

Artifact Nine

Progressing the way you’re meant to from number eight, hit the switch to activate the grapple points and then backtrack and use the new grapple point to get across a gap to pick up this artifact you probably saw on your way past.

Artifact Ten

Moving forward through the fans, grapple your way out, and wall run until you land. Stop, turn around, and wall run back the way you came, this time landing on top of the beam holding the grapple point you used. Walk along it to a ledge with the collectible.

Artifact Eleven

Ride the rotating platform, avoiding the boxes that will knock you off, but don’t jump off at the first path. Keep riding it and jump off when you see a big red container. Land here and grab the artifact just behind it.

Artifact Twelve

Further into the level on the main path, when you need to restart the air filters, grapple up to your right to a wall you can run on, grapple to the next point, and land on the platform. Turn around and you’ll see another grapple point an the other side of the wall you wall-ran on. Grapple there and the pick up the collectible on the left.

Artifact Thirteen

The last artifact in level five comes after the power comes back on. Turn around from the machine and head left to a fan you can ride up to a tiny room with the collectible.

Artifact Fourteen

Now in level six, turn around after you have your first fight with shielded enemies and look down off the right side of the ramp. Drop down onto the platform below you to grab this well hidden artifact.

Artifact Fifteen

After fighting some enemies in a room just before you hack a terminal to speed up or slow down a set of platforms, wall run along a hanging shipping container. Hop up some boxes here and grab the artifact.

Artifact Sixteen

Just before you hack the big fan with holes in it to progress, turn around and jump off the ledge as close to the right wall as you can. Spin yourself around the corner, wall run off the opposite side, and jump to a platform holding the artifact.

Artifact Seventeen

Last up in level six is after the room you grapple into with deadly forcefields flanking you on either side above a spinning platform you can hack between them. Before you enter that room, face away from it and wall run on the hanging chain-link fence. Keep wall running along this path, land, and turn right to snag this artifact at the dead end.

Artifact Eighteen

The only artifact in level seven is right near the beginning. After killing all the enemies, make your way back to the bottom of the room to the big molten cubes being carried around on conveyor belts. After crossing the last gap they are carried through, turn around and jump diagonally across the gap to a platform littered with junk and this artifact.

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