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Ghostbusters – Spirits Unleashed: Haunting Guide

Many have dreamed about being a Ghostbuster, but that's not the only kind of experience that Ghostbusters – Spirits Unleashed provides. You can spend your time growing as a Buster, getting new gear, and teaming up with other players if you'd like.

Alternatively, you can see how the other half lives by trying things out as a Ghost. After doing some jobs as a Buster, you'll get the chance to visit the Ghost Realm and take on the role of one of five types of Ghost each with several variants. As a Ghost, your goal is to completely haunt areas during matches, and there are effective ways to do that.

Always Be Haunting

When your goal is to Haunt an area, it makes sense to use the action that has "Haunt" in its name. As a standard Ghost action, you can choose to Haunt certain objects. Doing so imbues the object with ghostly energy causing it to float around randomly.

This contributes to the overall Haunting of the map but is particularly helpful in haunting specific areas. It also helps that if you're hiding inside a possessed object — the more haunted things that are floating around, the harder it will be for Busters to pinpoint your hiding place.

Start With Small Rooms First

As long as you remain active, the overall Haunting meter at the top of the screen will continue to fill. However, this can be very slow-going if you spread yourself too thin by constantly being on the move. There is a riskier but much more effective way to accomplish your task, and that's by Haunting specific areas.

Each map is split into several zones, each with its own personal Haunting meter. Filling it up will immediately raise the overall Haunting by 25 percent. Find the smallest rooms first as they are usually dense with a lot of small objects to Haunt, but make sure you have an escape route if Busters track you down.

Horrify Civilians

Despite all the weirdness that is happening and the presence of professional ghost hunters in the vicinity, each map has a number of Civilians wandering around. These NPCs are meant to be convinced by the Busters that everything is safe and under control, and it's up to you to prove them wrong.

By attacking and using abilities on Civilians, you will start to scare them, as indicated by an icon above their heads. Hit them enough times with scares, and they'll become Horrified, which will make them flee and raise the Haunting.

Summon Minions Frequently

Although each Ghost has its own strengths, weaknesses, stats, and abilities, there's one ability that they all share: Summon Minions. At the press of a button, you can have the Ghost summon a group of small ghostly Minions that will float around randomly, harassing Civilians and attacking Ghostbusters.

Since the ability refreshes quite quickly, feel free to use it often to get some quick points towards Haunting here and there as you float around the map. It's best to save them for the most crowded and compact areas, though.

Possess And Lurk

In order to be the most effective Ghost, you need to make use of your energy effectively. Represented by a blue bar in the lower-left corner of the screen, this is essentially a Ghost's stamina and is needed to perform almost every action available to them.

When they run low, they can possess an object to quickly recover energy as well as hide from Busters. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that when you possess an object that's hard to reach, you can just sit there and contribute to the overall Haunting of the room, and earn some nice XP for being a Clever Ghost.

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