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Genshin Impact’s Next Event Doubles Some Resin Rewards

In the weeks leading up to Genshin Impact’s next big update, Mihoyo is planning for more events. The next event coming to Teyvat will double drops for talent level-up materials, and things kick off next week on May 31.

Just on the heels of a series of big announcements with details around version 1.6, Mihoyo is planning to drop more goodies on Genshin Impact players. Overflowing Mastery will double what you get for Resin spent in-game on certain domains. If you’re seeking talent books dropped from Forsaken Rift and Taishan Mansion, make sure you start that grind next week.

During the event, you’ll be able to obtain double rewards for Resin spent three times a day between the domains. The event ends on June 7, meaning you’ve got 24 opportunities to increase your winnings from daily domain challenges if you remember to tackle the chore daily. For such a precious resource, it’s a good deal, and it’s not often that Mihoyo sweetens the pot for anything involving Genshin Impact’s limited battle currency.

Mihoyo has continued its steady stream of updates and events for its gacha RPG in recent month. Recently, Travelers of Teyvat received its newest feature, the Serenitea Pot. It’s an in-game housing system that allows you to further your bond through friendship points with characters, and decorate their adorable new spaces.

Genshin Impact still has plenty on the way, too. the upcoming 1.6 update will launch on June 9, shortly after the Overflowing Mastery event ends. The summer-themed patch, Midsummer Island Adventure, will include Kazuha, the first playable character from Inazuma, and new skins for characters like Jean,  and Barbara.

Klee will also see a banner rerun, accompanying Kazuha this patch as the other banner. You’ll also have plenty of new seasonal events to explore, Archon Quests, and new Serenitea Pot options. And with the ringing in of 1.6, you’ll temporarily say goodbye to Eula’s banner, so make sure you get your rolls in before she’s gone for a while.

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