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Genshin Impact: One Giant Step For Alchemy Guide

The first major event has come to Genshin Impact called the Elemental Crucible, and tons of players are eager to participate before it expires. This event, running only until October 19, offers a ton of rewards to earn through its duration, but not everyone can immediately jump in and start farming for them. There are a few things you will need to have done in the game before you can participate, specifically reaching a certain point in the game’s main story, and with such a limited time to do so, you’ll want to get them all done as fast as you can. Here’s how you can complete the One Giant Step for Alchemy quest and join in on the Elemental Crucible event.

One Giant Step For Alchemy Location

The One Giant Step for Alchemy quest is part of the main story progression in Genshin Impact, and pops up once you reach the Alchemist of Mondstadt named Timaeus. You will have to have gotten to at least Adventure Rank 20 before you can access this quest, as well as the quest chain A Tomorrow without Tears.

With both of those requirements met, talk with Timaeus to trigger a small cutscene where you will first hear about the Elemental Crucible. From here you will be sent to the Thousand Winds temple to begin the event. There is one Ruin Guard in the area, but you don’t have to fight it, or any other enemy, to complete the quest.

How To Play The Elemental Crucible Event

Once you reach the Thousand Winds temple East of Mondstadt, you can begin the Elemental Crucible Event by interacting with the titular Elemental Crucible. The entire event is designed to be a co-op experience, so you can either party up with your friends or random players online via matchmaking.

Once the event starts, you and your team will be put into a type of survival mode where you need to fight off waves of enemies that will drop items called elemental clots. You will need to collect these and bring them back to the Elemental Crucible to fill it up before the 15-minute timer expires. You can only carry up to three clots at once, however, and only if they are of the same element type. If you pick up one of a different element, you will drop whatever clots you were previously holding, so try and stack up the same type of clot and deposit them before grabbing any other type.

Elemental Crucible Event Rewards

All the rewards you earn from the Elemental Crucible event will scale depending on your own World Level, but you will always need to cash in 40 Original Resin to get them. Just like other activities that cost this currency, this is meant to keep you from being able to farm the event too many times each day. What you can earn is:

  • Companionship XP
  • Adventurer XP
  • Character XP materials

There are also further rewards you can earn by completing new challenges you can track in your Alchemy Handbook via the Events tab. Completing these challenges will net you different rewards that don’t require you to spend any Original Resin to claim.

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