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Genshin Impact Is Placing Real Dodoco Wish Machines Around The World For Prizes

Genish Impact is celebrating the arrival of 2023 with an online web event that has Genshin players send virtual greeting cards to friends on social media. The Wishes from Teyvat event can net you some sweet in-game rewards just for heading to the official website, creating your greeting card, and then sharing it on social media with the #WishesfromTeyvat hashtag.

And, as is the case so often with Genshin Impact, there’s a real-life version of the event taking place right now in select global cities and a small town in New Jersey. The Dodoco Wish Machine is essentially a physical version of the virtual greeting card maker that you see in the link above. The event will have players take a photo of the machine, post the image to social media with the #WishesfromTeyvat hashtag, and then receive a chance to make a wish following Hoyoverse verification.

In addition, "select the character blessing you want to receive on the wish machine, and you can get a postcard of the corresponding character as well as a chance to win a random surprise merchandise item."

Participating cities include Bandung, Makati, Tokyo, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Surabaya, Paris, Santiago, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Freehold, a town of 12,000 people in New Jersey. And I’m sorry, Freehold, but one of these things is not like the others. I don’t know what sway you have with Hoyoverse to get a Dodoco Wish Machine in your small town, but just know that I’ll be paying attention for the next live Genshin event, and if I see your name again, I’ll have all the evidence I need of a conspiracy.

Head to the Genshin news update for the full list of specific addresses where the Dodoco Wish Machine will be located. The live event starts on January 6, with some cities keeping the machine available until January 8. Only Bandung gets to keep its Dodoco Wish Machine until January 12.

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