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Genshin Impact: How To Get Memory Of Roving Gales

In order to complete the many challenges you’ll face while playing Genshin Impact, you should level up your characters so they’ll ascend and obtain things like passive combat talents or special boosts. However, you can only ascend your characters up to six times; if you want to go even further, you’ll have to use Ascension Materials.

One of these materials is the Memory of Roving Gales item, which is used to unlock the Traveler’s Constellations when they have the Anemo Element active.

What Are Constellations?

Constellations are a character progression system that unlocks boosts that improve some aspect of each character’s talents/skills.

In this game, each playable character has six Constellations in total. You can unlock them using the Stella Fortuna that’s specific for the character you want to unlock the Constellation for.

For most of Genshin Impact’s characters, to unlock their Constellation, you’ll need to use their Stella Fortuna. These are obtained through Wishes (if you get a duplicate of a character, this could transform into a Stella Fortuna for that character) or by buying the copy of that character through Paimon’s Bargains.

How To Unlock Constellations For The Traveler

However, the main character, also called Traveler, works a little bit differently. The Traveler needs a special Character Ascension Material item, depending on their Element. For example, you’ll need a Memory of Immovable Crystals for the Geo Talent, while for the Anemo Talent, you’ll have to use a Memory of Roving Gales.

Anemo (Wind) is one of the seven elements present in the game and one of the first available, apart from Geo, for Traveler.

The Anemo Constellation

Once you unlock the Anemo Constellation, the Traveler can obtain the following Effects:

  • Raging Vortex (Level 1): With this, the Palm Vortex skill will pull in enemies within a 5m radius.
  • Uprising Whirlwind (Level 2 ): This one boosts Energy Recharge by 16%.
  • Sweeping Gust (Level 3): This increases the Gust Surge skill up to 3 levels. Keep in mind that the maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Cherishing Breezes (Level 4): The damage you take when casting Palm Vortex is reduced by 10%.
  • Vortex Stellaris (Level 5): This ncreases three levels of the Palm Vortex Skill. Keep in mind that the maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Intertwined Winds (Level 6): Anemo RES is decreased by 20% for enemies that receive DMG from Gust Surge.

How To Get Memory Of Roving Gales?

The Character Ascension Material item has six copies in total, all scattered throughout the game. These are obtained via three different methods.

First Method – Buy It In The Souvenir Shop In Mondstadt

All you have to do is go to the shop in Mondstadt and look for the item, which costs 225 Anemo Sigils. Note that you will only be able to obtain one copy of Memory of Roving Gales through this method.

Second Method – Clearing The Archon Quests

Archon Quests are the quest arcs that take you through the main storyline in Genshin Impact. This arc focuses on the Traveler’s search for their twin sibling throughout Teyvat.

You’ll receive one Memory of Roving Gales as a reward for finishing “For a Tomorrow Without Tears,” which is the second Act in the Prologue chapter. You’ll need to have an Adventure Rank of 10 to be able to do this quest.

This Act consists of 13 Story Quests you’ll have to complete before getting your reward; those are:

  • 1. Shadow over Mondstadt
  • 2. Unexpected Encounter
  • 3. That Green Fellow
  • 4. Let the Wind Lead
  • 5. Venti’s Plan
  • 6. Venti’s New Plan
  • 7. Wild Escape
  • 8. Behind the Scenes
  • 9. Chasing Shadows
  • 10. State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
  • 11. Fallen Tears
  • 12. Hidden Tears
  • 13. Stolen Tears
  • 14. Crystal Tears
  • 15. Reunion with the Dragon.

Moreover, you’ll also receive one Memory of Roving Gales as the reward for finishing “Song of the Dragon and Freedom,” the third Act in the Prologue chapter (also carried out in Monstadt). To complete this one, you’ll need an Adventure Rank of 18.

The Story Quests in this Chapter are:

  • 1. Abyss Mage
  • 2. Hurdle
  • 3. Empty Abode
  • 4. Light Guiding Ceremony
  • 5. Calm Before the Storm
  • 6. A Long Shot.
  • 7. When the Wind Dies Down
  • 8. Ending Note.

Third Method – As Reward For Raising Your Adventure Rank

The game automatically rewards you with this item when reaching:

  • Adventure Rank 27
  • Adventure Rank 37
  • Adventure Rank 46 (which is relatively high, considering that the current maximum Adventure Rank is 60).

Reaching each rank will grant you one copy of Memory of Roving Gales, so if you reach all three of them, you’ll end up with three copies of the item. Finally, don’t forget to pay a visit to Katherine, in the Adventurer’s Guild, every time you raise your rank, to get the reward.

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