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Genshin Impact: How To Complete Destroy The Barrier Puzzles

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  • Why Destroy The Barriers?
  • Solving The Barrier Puzzles

Much of JRPG gaming involves recruiting a colorful cast of characters to take down evil. While this is almost always the overarching plot, it can take a backseat to the other tasks and quests you’re likely to encounter. In the wondrous world of Genshin Impact, there’s a lot to discover, and you can get involved in various other important stories without even trying.

There’ll be a point where you’re exploring some rings, touching a mysterious stone, and triggering a chain of events of which you are an integral link. This is the case with several magical barriers which you’ll be tasked to destroy.

Why Destroy The Barriers?

Once you find your way to Konda Village, take a look inside the well. At the bottom, there will be an unusual wooden archway at the center of a basin surrounded by multiple marked shrines. Solving its mystery will summon an enigmatic character wearing a kitsune mask named Kazari. Acting as a representative to Narukami Island, Kazari implores you to destroy these barriers as part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

This will require you to travel around to find each of these barriers which have both an intellectual and strength component to them. Aside from the Konda Village Well, you can find the other barriers at the following locations:

  • Mt. Yougou
  • Chinju Forest
  • Araumi
  • Kamisato Estate

Solving The Barrier Puzzles

Though each puzzle has different arrangements based on its location, they all play out the same way. To get started, place a Ward at one of the shrines to Purify it. This will cause the barrier to appear within the archway depicting a sigil.

  • The sigil will have multiple glowing points on it. These points represent the different shrines that you will need to Pray at in order to activate them
  • The point on the sigil nearest the bottom represents the shrine that’s first in the sequence. By praying at a shrine, you can change the number of icons floating over it
  • The goal of each puzzle is to have each shrine show the number of icons that represent its position in the sequence
  • Each shrine can be connected to one or multiple shrines according to the archway sigil. However, if one sigil is connected to two at once, those two share the same position (e.g. if Shrine 1 connects to ones at other ends of the area, those both need to be marked as Shrine 2)
  • Once you have the arrangement correct, return to the first shrine and pray at it to activate the beams of light between them
  • Be warned because as soon as this happens, an enemy will appear. Each barrier holds a Phantom Warrior with a unique name that attacks you after being released. These warriors focus mainly on physical attacks but they are elemental in nature which is indicated by their color. As such, make sure you have a diverse party of elementally strong characters to deal with them quickly
  • Once the barriers are broken and the warriors are defeated, return to Kazari at the bottom of the Konda Village Well to finish the quest

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