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Genshin Impact Has Made $3 Billion In Less Than Two Years

Genshin Impact is one of the most successful games ever made. A new report from Sensor Tower illustrates this with just a single number: $3 billion. That’s how much money Genshin Impact has made in less than two years.

"Following its worldwide release, the title took 171 days to generate its first $1 billion on mobile, not including spending through third-party Android stores," wrote Sensor Tower in a blog post (thanks, Eurogamer). "It then took an extra 195 days to accumulate a further $1 billion – resulting in the title picking up $2 billion in its first year alone. Genshin Impact crossed the $3 billion milestone 185 days later, meaning the game has averaged revenue of $1 billion every six months, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time."

In addition to the sales breakdown, Sensor Tower also provided us with a chart comparing Genshin Impact to other Gacha-based mobile games on the market today. In the first quarter of 2022, Genshin had more than double the gross sales of the next closest competitor, Lineage W, and more than triple the amount grossed by Rise of Kingdoms.

China remains the largest contributor to Genshin’s success at roughly 30% of revenue. Japan came in second at 23.7%, while the US came in third at 19.7%. Most of Genshin’s spending came from Asia at 70%, although the game still rakes in many millions from nearly all corners of the globe.

Not only is Genshin one of the best games ever made, its community is also oddly supportive of developer miHoYo. When the studio announced it was delaying update 2.7 due to COVID-related shutdowns in China, fans told the developer to "take all the time you need," noting the strict government lockdown imposed due to a resurgence of COVID-19 would naturally result in difficult work conditions.

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