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Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchlings Guide — Where To Find Fragile Bone Shards

If you’re trying to ascend your weapons in Genshin Impact, there’s a good chance you’re already on the lookout for Geovishap Hatchlings For those who don’t know, Geovishap Hatchlings drop a rare item called Fragile Bone Shards, which are a necessary material for ascending weapons past their initial level 20 cap.

So, if you’ve been trying to upgrade your characters but have found yourself stumped, don’t fret: here’s everything you need to know about the Geovishap Hatchlings location in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchlings Guide — Where To Find Geovishap Hatchlings

Geovishap Hatchlings are difficult to come by, but there’s one particular location where you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter a few. For what it’s worth, you’ll need to have already reached Liyue to find Geovishap Hatchlings — they’re nowhere to be found in Mondstadt, which makes sense given the “Geo” prefix and Mondstadt’s status as an Anemo region.

Once you’ve arrived at Liyue, you’ll want to head to Tianqui Valley, which is due northwest of Liyue Harbor via Dunyu Ruins. Alternatively, it is directly west of Luhua Pool — if you approach the valley from this direction, you’ll probably bump into some Geovishap Hatchlings without even trying.

The Geovishap Hatchlings can be found at the character marker pinpointed above. They’re slightly east of the upper teleport waypoint — if you’re coming from Liyue, remember that it’s not the first teleport waypoint that will appear on your minimap. That one is handy to get — it gets you Adventurer experience and gives you yet another area to fast travel to — but for the Geovishap Hatchlings location, you want the more northern one.

Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchlings Guide — How To Get Fragile Bone Shards

Once you’ve found yourself a couple of Geovishap Hatchlings, it’s time to beat them up. These are highly aggressive enemies, so you’ll want to be careful in how you approach them — although level 19 is nothing too intimidating at this point in the game, Geovishap Hatchlings are much faster than a lot of the enemies you’ll have fought up to this point.

Here are some things to bear in mind while fighting Geovishap Hatchlings:

  • They have a lot of mobility when they are attacking, so be sure to back off and focus on evasion while they are being offensive. Once they wind down, they will be temporarily vulnerable.
  • Characters with shields can reflect attacks and stun Geovishap Hatchlings — if you have someone like Noelle, for example, you can use your elemental shield ability to easily incapacitate them before swapping to a DPS character like Diluc or Razor and quickly melting them.
  • They are Geovishap Hatchlings, so Traveler (Geo) is basically useless here — use someone else.

With all that in mind, it should be a relatively easy fight. Once you loot your Fragile Bone Shards, these are the weapons you’ll be able to ascend:

  • Black Tassel
  • Compound Bow
  • Iron Sting
  • Mappa Mare
  • Prototype Aminus
  • Prototype Grudge
  • Royal Grimoire
  • Skyrider Greatsword
  • Skyrider Sword

And that’s all there is to it — head to Tianqui Valley, go to the location in the screenshot above, beat up some Geovishap Hatchlings, and ascend weapons to your heart’s content.

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