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Genshin Impact: Dandelion Seed Locations And Farming Routes

Dandelion Seeds are an item that may allude some newer players as they are harvested in a unique way in Genshin Impact. The Dandelion Seeds can be found around Mondstadt and are extremely noticeable in the wild. Dandelion seeds are needed to ascend Jean and Eula, as well as used to make the anemoculus resonance stone. Dandelions aren’t a hard plant to find, but each plant will only give you a single portion of Dandelion Seeds, so players should make a habit of gathering the seeds when they can.

They are also used in crafting both the windbarrier potion and the gushing essential oil. Below is a guide to help you quickly farm dandelion seeds so that you never run low on supply.

Where to Find Dandelion Seed

Dandelion Seeds are growing in several different parts of Mondstadt, but most players will first encounter them right outside Mondstadt’s main gate. Players who have Klee in their party can use her to find Mondstadt specialties more easily.

  • Keep in mind that Klee shows all specialties using a basic marker on your mini-map.

Dandelions can also be found around parts of Starfell Valley and on the cliff above the Dawn Winery. Dandelions are extremely popular in the region and can be found in a diverse range of settings.

The Best Dandelion Seed Farming Route

The best way to farm Dandelion Seeds is by starting at Mondstadt’s side gate and making your way around the outside of the town. Keep in mind that you will need to use an anemo attack to collect the seeds. Sucrose or Venti is the best character for the job, but Xiao and Jean can help harvest, just a bit slower than Sucrose. If you haven’t pulled an anemo character, then just go to the Mondstadt Statue of the Seven and use the Traveler to harvest the Dandelion Seeds.

Once you have circled back to Mondstadt’s front gate, you can teleport yourself to the waypoint between Dawn Winery and Stone Gate. There are Dandelions on the cliffside across the lake from the winery.

There are also some patches scattered around Starfell Valley and at the bottom of Wolvendom, at the end of the path nearest to the lake. Dandelions usually respawn around every three days making them an easy bi-weekly harvest. Try to make a bi-weekly habit of picking up the Dandelion Seeds around Mondstadt’s gate just in case you pull Jean or Eula.

  • Keep in mind that every Anemoculus Resonance Stone you make requires five Dandelion Seeds.

Can You Buy Dandelion Seeds?

No, sadly, Dandelion Seeds are one of the few plant items that you can’t buy from a shop in the game. Dandelion Seeds must currently be harvested by hand, despite the fact that Flora gives out a quest to find them.

  • Most other ascension plants are available as of version 1.4 to buy in a shop, so Dandelion Seeds will likely be made available sometime in the future.

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