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Genshin Impact: Complete Cooking Guide

Its easy to say that Genshin Impact takes a lot of inspiration from Breath of The Wild when you directly compare the two, but in reality, many of the mechanics this open-world RPG has are not at all uncommon for the genre as a whole. Cooking, for example, is an RPG staple that tons of games implement in their own ways. For as common as this mechanic is, each game puts its own spin on exactly how it works. If you want to be an expert chef in Genshin Impact, our guide will be better than any cookbook.

Complete Cooking Guide For Genshin Impact

Unlike some other games, you won’t be able to just smash some random ingredients together and see what you get. You need a recipe before you can attempt to cook any meal. When you’re at a cooking spot, you will have a list of known recipes you can attempt to create, assuming you have the proper ingredients for it of course.

How To Cook

Once you select the dish you’re going to attempt, a small mini-game will start where you need to stop an icon of a spoon or spatula thing in the ideal zone. There are three colored areas you can stop it, clear, white, and orange. If you land on the clear area, you fail to make the dish, white will succeed with a good meal, and orange will create a perfect dish. Make the same meal enough times with a perfect rank and you will master it, allowing you to bypass the mini-game when cooking it in the future.

Gathering Ingredients

Almost all the ingredients you’ll need for cooking will be found around the world of Genshin Impact. Always keep an eye out for things growing that you can harvest for future meals, plus animals that might drop some meat like chickens or boars.

Some ingredients, however, can not be picked up or plucked from a tree. These ingredients, such as flour, must be processed. We have a nice guide for how to process ingredients for you here, but in short, you can process ingredients by using the Processing tab of the cooking menu and selecting what you want to make. Each one will take a different amount of real-world time, so try and plan ahead and process ingredients early. You can queue up more than one to process at a time, but that will also add to how long it will take.

How To Learn New Recipes

There are two main ways you can add new recipes to your catalog and cook for yourself. The first is to purchase a new dish from a trader. Once you buy it, you will add that same meal to your list of recipes automatically.

The second way is through quests. A few of Genshin Impact’s World Quests result in chances for you to pick up a few new recipes. The most common quests to give recipes are the ones that involve Xiangling.

Why Cook In Genshin Impact?

Cooking is more than just a hobby or side activity in Genshin Impact. All the meals you create, assuming they turn out well, grant various boosts to your characters when eaten. You’ll get obvious ones like health recovery, but they can also buff your stamina, and even be used to revive characters. Sharpening your cooking skills will only benefit you and your party in your dangerous adventures ahead.

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