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Genshin Impact: Best Team Composition For Keqing

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  • Who Is Keqing?
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There are many scenarios where people and creatures grow up under circumstances believing and understanding things in a very specific way. As such, there are bound to be those who seek to understand even more from other sources and go out into the world to do so.

The world of Genshin Impact has its fair share of traditions and established norms, and there are many characters both on and off your roster who choose to challenge them or learn about others. There are many mysteries and secrets to uncover, so you'll need curious and determined companions like Keqing to find them.

Who Is Keqing?

A seeker of truths and understanding, Keqing is a curious soul who is driven to adventure by a thirst for forging her own path. She refuses to be restrained by destiny and prefers instead to tell her own story by learning about what else is out there.

She was surrounded by the disruptive nature of Liyue which affected her even more so as the Yuheng of Liyue Qixing, a powerful political body. When not restrained by the office walls, she wields DPS strength in her sword and the Electro element.

The Best Team For Keqing

Being a sword-user makes Keqing balanced while she also aims to be adaptable. She can throw a powerful stiletto using Stellar Restoration to trigger AoE attacks from a distance and her Starward Sword is an electrifying combination of heavy attacks and AoE. She hits hard and fast so it's best to have a team who can complement and keep up with her.


Too much electricity can be a bad thing, but that doesn't apply when it's carefully aimed toward enemies in combat. Keqing is a strong DPS fighter, but Beidou can provide additional DPS support with her own Electro attacks and claymore.

Not only can she both protect and attack heavily with Tidecaller, but she can also use Stormbreaker to vastly boost her strength, so she can chain attacks between enemies while increasing her own resistance. Your DPS output will be raised significantly by having these two working together.


It's never safe to be in the water when electricity is around, but water can still be soothing for electrical beings. To keep Keqing in fighting shape, consider Xingqiu for his Hydro-based healing and sword skills. He can help Keqing last longer in the field by using the Fatal Rainscreen to summon swords that can absorb damage.

In addition to that, his passive Hydropathic can heal whoever the swords are following whenever they're destroyed in battle. He can also trigger a lot of reactions in enemies affected by Keqing's electro element.


Whenever there's electricity in the area, one of the best things you can do to stay safe is to ground yourself. In order to support the power and strength of Keqing's attack skills, a solid teammate like Zhongli would be a huge help with his polearm and Geo element.

He can summon a damage-absorbing Jade Shield using Dominus Lapidis with Resonant Waves raising its effectiveness by stacking fortification. He can also petrify enemies, so they'll stay neatly in place so Keqing can deliver maximum punishment to them.

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