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Genshin Impact: Best Builds For Faruzan

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  • Anemo Support Build
  • Main DPS Faruzan Build
  • Artifact Stat Priority For Faruzan
  • Talent Priority For Faruzan
  • Faruzan Constellations

There's a lot of hype whenever a five-star character is released in Genshin Impact, but Hoyoverse has been doing a great job with their four-star characters as well. Ever since the release of the game, the marketing and design for four-star characters have progressively gotten better, bringing them on the same level as five-star characters.

Faruzan is one of these beautifully designed characters and she wields a bow with an Anemo vision. Her unique skill set allows players to constantly interact with the enemies and apply different buffs to your team members. There's a lot of depth to her abilities, passives, and constellations as well.

Anemo Support Build

  • Weapons – Elegy for the End, Favonius Warbow
  • Artifact Sets – Noblesse Oblige

While her design and gameplay make it seem like she's built for being a damage dealer, you'll realize that her true potential is being an Anemo Support character when you go through her abilities once. Her Elemental Skill can crowd control the enemies and group them together, which allows other characters to deal constant AoE damage.

Moreover, she constantly shreds the enemy's Anemo RES and increases the Anemo DMG dealt by her party members during her Elemental Burst. With the Impetuous Flow passive, you can also shred an enemy's Anemo RES whenever you hit them with the vortex from your Elemental Skill.

One of the glaring problems with Faruzan in this build is her Energy generation. At zero constellations, she generates two particles every time the enemies are hit by a vortex but has a whopping 80 Energy cost for her Elemental Burst.

This is solved to an extent with her fourth constellation, but you might have to build a lot of Energy Recharge on this character. Moreover, it can be beneficial to pair her with Anemo characters with a decent particle generation.

Elegy for the End can also solve Faruzan's Energy problems since it has 55.1 percent Energy Recharge at the maximum level. Furthermore, you have to hit the enemies four times with your Elemental Skill and Burst combined to provide extra Elemental Mastery and ATK Percent boost to your party.

This weapon is good for the Anemo Support build on Faruzan, and her Elemental Skill and Burst deal three instances of damage in total. This makes it quite easy to activate Elegy's passive, and the Elemental Mastery from the weapon is worth it if you're putting her in a reaction-based team.

Favonius Warbow can also be a good weapon to replace Elegy in this build. Apart from giving you a high 61.3 percent Energy Recharge, this weapon also has a chance of spawning extra particles if you Crit on an enemy. These neutral particles recharge the same Energy for each character in your team.

As for the artifacts, there's nothing better than the Noblesse Oblige artifact set for supports like her. This set gives you increased damage on your Elemental Burst and increases your entire party's ATK by 20 percent for 12 seconds. This can stack with Faruzan's Anemo buff and increase the Anemo party members' damage significantly.

Since she was released with Wanderer, it goes without saying that he'll benefit from her kit the most. He also has a short cooldown on his Elemental Skill, giving you time to swap to Faruzan and apply the Anemo RES shred before you start attacking with him again.

Main DPS Faruzan Build

  • Weapons – Polar Star, Blackcliff Warbow
  • Artifact Sets – Emblem of Severed Fate, Desert Pavilion Chronicle

Just because it isn't her primary play style doesn't mean that you can't use Faruzan as the main damage dealer. Her Elemental Skill has a cooldown of six seconds, allowing you to use it constantly. Her first constellation allows you to have two buffed shots after using your Elemental Skill, which makes this play style even better.

Both Polar Star and Blackcliff Warbow are great candidates for this build. The former weapon gives you a bunch of Crit Rate and also increases your Elemental Skill and Burst DMG directly. After using a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst on an opponent, you can get a 48 percent ATK boost from this.

It is important to note that the aimed shots after you use your Elemental Skill are still counted as Charged Attacks, but the vortex damage is counted as Elemental Skill damage. This means that Polar Star's raw buff will only apply to the vortex and the initial Elemental Skill and Burst damage.

On the other hand, Blackcliff Warbow gives you a Crit DMG of 36.8 percent. Whenever you defeat an opponent, it increases your ATK by 24 percent at refinement five, and this can stack up to three times. This weapon fits perfectly for Faruzan because her DPS build is good against a horde of small enemies.

Depending on the number of constellations you have, there are two different ways to go about making Faruzan your main DPS:

  1. You can try to get a ton of Energy Recharge on her artifacts and use the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set to get her Elemental Burst easily and buff its damage. With this play style, your Elemental Burst will be your main source of damage.
  2. A more regular damage output comes if you use the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set. Your Charged Attack hits buff the damage of your further Charged Attacks by 40 percent with the four-piece, and this suits her perfectly if you have the first constellation.

The first play style can be a lot better if you've unlocked multiple constellations on Faruzan that directly buff her Elemental Burst.

Artifact Stat Priority For Faruzan

For both the builds mentioned above, your artifact main stats and sub-stats priority are similar. Here's what you'll be looking for:

Artifact Type

Main Stat

Sub Stat


HP (guaranteed)

ATK Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge


ATK (guaranteed)

ATK Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge


ATK Percent/Energy Recharge

Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge/ATK Percent


Anemo DMG Bonus

ATK Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge


Crit Rate/DMG

Crit DMG/Rate > ATK Percent > Energy Recharge

The reason for ATK Percent being her priority is because of the Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns passive that increases the Anemo DMG of a character during her Elemental Burst based on her ATK.

Moreover, you can prioritize Energy Recharge more than Crit if you're trying to build the Emblem of Severed Fate DPS build. You'll need at least 250 percent Energy Recharge to make it successful unless you have the fourth constellation.

Talent Priority For Faruzan

Faruzan's talent priority changes based on the build you're using. For the support build, you'd want to upgrade her Elemental Burst followed by the Elemental Skill to get the Anemo DMG bonus and Anemo RES shred increase as fast as possible. If you're trying to build her as the main DPS, you'll have to focus on her Elemental Skill first.

You don't need to upgrade Faruzan's Normal Attacks if you're not planning to deal damage with her, but they can do a significant amount of damage after being upgraded. This choice depends on what you want from the character.

Faruzan Constellations

After reading the builds, it's obvious that Faruzan is a constellation-reliant character to an extent. At zero constellations, she suffers from a ton of Energy problems and that reduces her effectiveness in battle. Here's what you can expect if you do get her constellations:

Constellation Number

Constellation Name



Truth by Any Means

After using your Elemental Skill, you can fire two Hurricane Arrows instead of one.


Overzealous Intellect

Increases the duration of the polyhedron formed after using the Elemental Burst by six seconds. This increases the amount of time for Anemo DMG boost and RES shred.


Spirit-Orchard Stroll

Increases the level of your Elemental Skill by three.


Divine Comprehension

After hitting an opponent, the vortex from Faruzan's Elemental Skill restores two energy for her. This regeneration increases if it hits multiple opponents, up to a maximum of four.


Wonderland of Rumination

Increases the level of your Elemental Burst by three.


The Wondrous Path of Truth

Increases the Crit DMG of Anemo DMG dealt by characters during her Elemental Burst. Moreover, they can apply the vortex effects on the enemy with their Anemo DMG once every three seconds.

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