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Genshin Impact: 7 Pro Tips For Playing As Wanderer (Scaramouche)

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  • He Has An Extra Stamina Bar
  • Be Careful While Using Diona With Wanderer
  • He Is Great For Open-World Exploration
  • Choose The Element You Swirl Wisely
  • You Can Cancel Your Elemental Skill
  • Pay Attention To Gales Of Reverie Passive
  • Be Careful With Timing Your Elemental Burst

Once you've acquired a character and given them the best possible weapons and artifacts in Genshin Impact, the final step is to learn how to play them efficiently. While it's easy to understand how a character's basic skills work, some neat tricks with them can increase their value.

Wanderer is the second Fatui Harbinger released as a playable character in the game, and the developers have put special attention to his design. He's a five-star Catalyst-wielding character who can manipulate the Anemo vision. His skills are unique and versatile, allowing players to choose their own style.

He Has An Extra Stamina Bar

After you upgrade the Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt and Liyue to the maximum level, you can have up to 240 stamina on each of your characters. This is used when you're sprinting, climbing, performing Charged Attacks, or swimming, and more stamina is consumed if you jump while climbing. Hoyoverse has not given anything to increase your stamina permanently ever since.

This was until Wanderer was released because this character has two different stamina bars. Whenever you activate his Elemental Skill, the normal stamina bar will be replaced by a Cyan colored bar that determines how long your Skill will last. During your Skill duration, you can do almost everything that you could do with normal stamina.

You can press the jump button in this form to constantly increase your height, and you can press the dash button to fly ahead while you were hovering. While you technically can't swim in this form, you can still cross the water by simply dashing over it.

Here are a few things you should remember while hovering in the Windfavored form:

  • It's better to hold the jump button instead of constantly pressing it. This consumes less Elemental Skill bar in the beginning, but it will consume the bar rapidly after a couple of seconds. You can't go too high using the hover mechanic from Wanderer.
  • You can dash and go forward at an increased speed in the Windfavored form just like you can do with normal stamina. So, it will also take away your bar faster if you keep pressing the dash button instead of holding it.
  • Performing a Charged Attack doesn't cost any stamina or deplete the Elemental Skill bar during the Windfavored form. Since Scaramouche's Charged Attacks are quite fast, this is going to be your main source of damage against a horde of enemies.
  • While you're in the Windfavored state, your original stamina bar will start regenerating. So, you can deplete your normal stamina while running, use the Elemental Skill to hover for a bit and then have your normal stamina back.

Be Careful While Using Diona With Wanderer

Diona is one of the favored party members for Wanderer because of her constant Cryo application within the field of her Elemental Burst. She also gives her entire party a shield with her Elemental Skill, which is quite important for Wanderer since he can easily get crowd-controlled while hovering and lose a lot of time.

While she is one of his best party members, there's a little complication between Wanderer and her Elemental Burst. If you use Scaramouche's Elemental Skill inside her Burst and press the jump button to go higher, Diona's Burst will stop healing the character. This can catch many people off guard.

If you're using them in the same team, make sure you never press jump or fight in an area with different elevations. If you want to get the healing from her, it's best to use them on a straight surface.

He Is Great For Open-World Exploration

Most DPS characters released in Genshin Impact have an Elemental Skill or Burst that buffs their damage for a limited amount of time, which makes them harder to use for open-world exploration because the enemies are scattered everywhere. While Wanderer has a similar mechanic, his Elemental Skill only has a cooldown of six seconds.

This cooldown starts after you run out of the Elemental Skill bar and Wanderer starts going back on the ground.

You can constantly use his skill to deal a ton of damage to open-world enemies without having to set up anything. Moreover, he can still deal a lot of basic attack damage even when he's not in his Windfavored form because of the high multipliers.

Choose The Element You Swirl Wisely

Every character in Genshin Impact has three passive abilities in total. Two of these abilities help them directly in combat, while the last one is used for other in-game mechanics. One of Wanderer's passive is called Jade-Claimed Flower and it buffs his Elemental Skill in different ways.

Depending on the element that you Swirl during the initial activation of your Skill, here are all the buffs you can get:


Increases your Crit Rate by 20 percent.


Whenever you hit an enemy with your Normal or Charged attacks in the Windfavored form, a certain amount of Energy is restored for your Burst.


Similar to Pyro Resistance, the Pyro buff increases Wanderer's ATK by 30 percent.


Increases the maximum points you can have in your Elemental Skill bar. This increases the amount of time you can stay in Windfavored form.

You can get a maximum of two of these buffs every time you use your Elemental Skill, but this can be increased to three with your fourth constellation. While Wanderer isn't constellation-reliant, this is a great example of how interesting and strong his constellations are.

Depending on your current stats and play style for Wanderer, you can select your team members to get certain buffs. For example, if you have his second constellation but not enough Energy Recharge to get your Burst back, you can use Electro characters to get more Energy.

You Can Cancel Your Elemental Skill

While Wanderer has a unique Elemental Skill, it can easily confuse players sometimes. For example, you can't revitalize the flowers to claim rewards using your Original or Condensed Resin while you're in the Windfavored state. When the fight is over, you might also not be able to pick up the mob drops.

Instead of waiting for your Elemental Skill bar to deplete, you can simply cancel your Skill instantly by pressing the button to activate it again. This will instantly remove the Windfavored state and start the cooldown of your Skill.

Pay Attention To Gales Of Reverie Passive

After ascending Wanderer for a certain amount of times, you'll unlock the Gales of Reverie passive that gives you free dashes after you hit opponents. With the passive activated, hitting opponents with Normal and Charged Attacks in your Elemental Skill has a chance to give you the Descent effect.

You will know when you get this effect because Wanderer's body will have a shining symbol for a second. Upon getting this effect, your next dash will not consume any stamina and it will fire four Anemo arrows that will deal damage to random enemies.

This can be a good source of DPS and it can also allow you to freely move on the battlefield and prevent getting crowd-controlled by the enemies.

Be Careful With Timing Your Elemental Burst

Scaramouche's Elemental Skill and Burst combination can be quite tricky because of the different aspects of his kit. If you activate your Burst when you're in the Windfavored state, it will instantly end and go on a cooldown. Moreover, canceling your Skill like this doesn't provide any extra buffs to the character at zero constellations.

Once you have his second constellation, the damage of your Elemental Burst is increased based on the difference between your maximum and current Kuugoryoku Points. This constellation gives some meaning to the loss of your Elemental Skill if you activate the Burst at the very end.

Moreover, there's a slight delay in your Elemental Burst that makes it impossible to execute the Skill as soon as you get out of the Burst animation. The damage from your Burst occurs a second after you get out of the animation, and if you activate your Skill during this second, it instantly gets deactivated.

This can be especially frustrating if you're fighting in the Spiral Abyss where time is of the essence. To avoid this, wait for your Burst to finish dealing damage to the enemies before you activate your Windfavored state.

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