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Genshin Impact: 10 Rarest Ascension Materials And Where To Find Them

Picture this. You’ve just got your favorite 5-star character in Genshin Impact. You’ve done your regisvines or hypostases and have enough monster materials. Then you go to their ascension window and realize you also need a ridiculous amount of flowers or some other similarly random item. To make matters worse, you’re unlikely to have enough since many of these ascension items are rare.

Some local specialties in Teyvat can take two or more days to replenish. To avoid that kind of frustration, thinking ahead by picking them up as you go about your daily quests is a must. However, if you’re struggling to find them we can help. We take a look at the rarest ascension materials and tell you where to find them. So get to flower-picking and mining!

Cecilia Flower

  • The Cecilia is required by Albedo and Venti.

Cecilia Flowers aren’t exactly difficult to find or hard to gather in Starsnatch Cliff. It’s just that there are only a few of them — around 30 in their designated area. Picking them up is easy enough, but you will soon run out of world supply.

If you have a character that needs large quantities of these then you might need to visit other players’ worlds to speed up the process. Just don’t take another player’s rare flowers without asking first!

Small Lamp Grass

  • Small Lamp Grass is required by Diluc, Amber, and Fischl.

Small Lamp Grass can only be found in bulk in three areas of the map: Wolvendom, Whispering Woods, and some plateaus south of Windrise.

Even there, they’re few in number and you’ll probably get no more than 30 running those routes. There are other locations but they only give these plants in twos or threes. So it’s best to grab them while you don’t need them, in case you finally get Diluc!

Noctilucous Jade

  • Noctilucous Jade is required by Beidou.

Noctilucous Jade is no flower but it will nevertheless appear on the minimap if Qiqi is in your party, as it’s counted as a Liyue specialty. Still, they’re quite few in number and when it comes to harvesting them, you might also need a claymore user to be more efficient. Luckily Beidou herself fits the bill.

They are found in Liyue caves and are quite clustered up in one area and that’s northeast of Qiongji Estuary but they’re still a bit scattered over there. Thankfully, as there’s currently not much competition for this jade you can stock them up for the future.


  • Wolfhook is required by Razor.

Wolfhook is rare for the same reason Cecilia Flowers are — there’s only a set number of them available before you have to visit neighboring worlds. They’re only available in Wolvendom from the waypoint to the wolf boss arena.

Even then, you’ll only be able to find barely 30 of these berries. That means leveling up characters who need Wolfhook might take several days unless you farm them in advance and in anticipation. Luckily, they aren’t widely required.

Calla Lily

  • Calla Lily is required by Kaeya and Diona.

Calla Lily is frustratingly spread out in Mondstadt, making farming them a chore. However, there are locations where they can be picked up in clusters. The most efficient one would be the lake with a waypoint south of Springvale.

Beyond that, they’re all few and far between on the eastern side of Mondstadt. Two outliers can be found in Stormterror’s Lair but that’s it.


  • Valberry is required by Lisa and Noelle.

Valberries only grow in the northern part of Mondstadt; which northern part? Well, it’s rather vague and spread out so that makes Valberry one of the rarest flowers here. Their available area is that big chunk of land above the Starfell Lake Statue.

As mentioned, they’re very scattered so bring a tall character and some Stamina food. They’re also rather few in number.

Dandelion Seeds

  • Dandelion Seeds are required by Jean.

Dandelion plants are actually quite abundant in Mondstadt. It’s just that they’re way too scattered out in the open-world to be farmed efficiently. The most available ones are clustered up in two areas only: near the Mondstadt gates and that plateau west of Dawn Winery.

Even then, their numbers in their clustered spots are few and only in the single digits. The rest are scattered throughout the eastern parts of Mondstadt. Moreover, you need an anemo character to harvest them. Time to dust off your traveler!


  • Violetgrass is required by QiQi and Xinyan.

Violetgrass is actually pretty abundant in Liyue but the way they have to be harvested makes them a rarity. Players need to scale cliff walls or faces in order to get a glimpse of these flowers unless they have Qiqi who will mark them on the map.

Violetgrass only grows in perilous locations and it’s easy to slip or run out of Stamina while trying to grab them. Make sure to bring food and remember that if you fall you can hit your attack key to turn your unexpected landing into a plunging attack, potentially saving your life.

Qingxin Flower

  • The Qingxin is required by Xiao and Ganyu.

As for the most annoying flower or local specialty to farm, that would be Qingxin. It’s a flower that only grows singularly on mountain peaks. They’re rarely found clustered together, so seeing two of them on one mountaintop should be considered a gift.

The act of locating them (even with the help of interactive maps) is painstaking enough, more so the act of picking them since rigorous climbing is needed. Thankfully, only Xiao and Ganyu want them, and since they are both rare characters, many players will be spared this grind.

Silk Flower

  • Silk Flowers are required by Hu Tao and Xingqiu

Silk Flower is by far, the rarest local specialty in Genshin Impact. It’s so rare, it only grows in the administrative or palace area of Liyue. Some are located in Wangshu Inn but they’re pretty scarce there compared to the Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor.

We recommend picking them whenever you’re passing through Liyue, it will save you a long grind later down the line.

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