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Gaming’s Most Elaborate Hidden Secrets, Ranked

There are few things sweeter than finding a well-hidden secret in your favorite game. Sometimes a secret can be incredibly simple but have a big impact. Other times, it can seem like one of the most convoluted things in the game. Just how anyone figures out some massive hidden secrets is anyone’s guess.

While there are plenty of famous secrets hidden in games, some of the most fascinating have been the hardest to find. While many of the more difficult-to-find secrets do tend to feature in modern games, there are quite a few games from the dawn of gaming that housed incredible secrets for decades. It seems like these days, it’s easier to find secrets thanks to people who can look through a game's code and files, but even in some of those instances, elaborate secrets can be tough to figure out.

10 GoldenEye 007 – A ZX Spectrum Emulator

Plenty has been said about the legendary Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 over the years. Whether talked about for its revolutionary multiplayer mode or simply for its fun and bombastic campaign, many tend to ignore the game's secrets. Every cartridge contains a ZX Spectrum emulator with ten Rare games.

This entry would have ranked higher if players were actually able to access the games through actually playing GoldenEye. The reality of the secret is that its functionality is off-limits to everyone, since it was an experimental side project that was deactivated.

9 Adventure – The First Easter Egg

It’s almost fitting that what may very well be the first-ever easter egg in video games was also incredibly well-hidden for years. While it’s not the most convoluted secret to uncover, it’s a wonder that anyone managed to find it with the specific nature of how it's discovered.

The steps to unlock the secret require you to pick up a seemingly random object (remember pretty much everything was just a square at that time), and traverse through the game until you come to a specific screen. Once there you have to stand in a specific spot to experience a little message.

8 Batman Arkham City – Calendar Man End Of Days

It’s probably fair to say that the Arkham series of Batman games is home to plenty of secrets. One of the most unique makes sense in hindsight but isn’t necessarily the easiest to come across. Over the years, fans have noticed that Calendar Man can have some unique dialogue.

These can be found on a number of dates, but if you set the system date to December 13th, 2014 you could experience something truly chilling. Calendar Man declares he will be there for Batman’s end which ended up being a tease as to where the game series would eventually go.

7 Resident Evil 2 – A Strange Photo

There are some famous hidden secrets in video games that are not only bizarre, but it’s equally bizarre that anyone found them in the first place. One secret in Resident Evil 2 is so infamous that it was even included in the remake of the game.

In order to find the secret, you’ll have to make your way through the RPD to Wesker's Desk. Then, you’ll have to search it fifty times in a row in order to uncover a strange photo of STARS rookie Rebecca Chambers. The secret is strange, but the fact that anyone found it is even stranger.

6 Mega Man X – Hadouken

With how powerful you can get in Mega Man X no one could be blamed for assuming that X is at full power after defeating all the robot masters. Hardcore players will know about one of the coolest hidden secrets in gaming that isn’t the easiest to find on your own.

The thing that makes this secret hard to uncover is the fact that you practically have to complete the entire game before you can do it. Once you’ve obtained all the game's collectibles, you must return to the Armored Armadillo’s stage to find and obtain the ultimate attack.

5 Silent Hill 2 – Helpful Mechanics

The thing that makes finding the secret mechanics in Silent Hill 2 so convoluted is the fact that you not only need to obtain a specific ending to the game, but you also have to do something you probably never would have thought of.

Players can actually access the ability to save at any time and even a mini-map for their playthrough. After earning the infamous “dog ending” on the original hardware players can put in a series of button combinations to either save or access a map whenever they want.

4 Super Smash Bros. Melee – Become Master Hand

This entry may be a bit of a cheat as it may actually be more of an unintended glitch than anything else, but just about anyone can uncover this secret once they know the strange series of steps required. After all, who wouldn’t want to play as Master Hand for the first time?

There are actually multiple methods to pull it off, but the simplest involves putting your controller in port three and executing a series of actions to effectively confuse the game's code. If done right, you’ll be sent to the stage select screen and will begin your match as Master Hand.

3 Battlefield 4 – Secret Camouflage

Even first-person shooters tend to feature hidden secrets, but they can be some of the most difficult to uncover. The series of steps required to uncover what is essentially a simple cosmetic is actually mind-blowing.

The steps are far too complicated to explain in such a short entry, but plenty of walkthroughs exist for the secret. Be warned, even with a step-by-step guide, the secret camo still isn’t the easiest thing to uncover for anyone. It is an incredible process to watch and simply stare in awe at the people who managed to figure such a thing out.

2 Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Secret Rey Skin

While Battlefront 2 has received a bit of a mixed reception from fans, it’s hard to say that the game isn’t a ton of fun. With a few sprawling maps and plenty of characters to play as it shouldn’t be too surprising that the developers slipped in a few secrets.

The steps to unlock the secret Rey skin are yet another example of incredibly complex steps. It’s amazing anyone ever figured these secrets out considering most players would be attempting to uncover them in the middle of various online games.

1 Trials HD – Hidden Mystery

No conversation about secrets hidden in games is done until someone brings up Trials HD. It’s probably the last game people would expect to house an elaborate secret, but it arguably has the greatest secret in video game history within it.


Not only is the secret fascinating, but it actually requires multiple people to work together both in the game and in the real world in order to solve it. Many have come to their own conclusions about the secret over the years, but it is well worth looking into if you fancy yourself as an internet sleuth.

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