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Games Workshop Rebrands Skulls For The Skull Throne Event, Stream Begins This Week

It’s that time of year again, and Games Workshop is preparing its annual livestreaming event, Warhammer Skulls. Formerly known as Skulls for the Skull Throne, its live showcase will begin on Twitch June 3.

In a blog from the Warhammer Community official site, the company announced its plans to rebrand Skulls for the Skull Throne as Warhammer Skulls. This marks the fifth year of Games Workshop’s live showcase, where it plans to announce brand new titles from both old studios and new. Games Workshop also promises to pack the week full of other announcements, including updates to older series, sales on some of its titles, and free games through certain platforms.

Warhammer Skulls begins on June 3 at 10am PST/6pm BST, and will run for a week via the Games Workshop official channel on Twitch. Last year, the event marked the start of some heavy discounts on Steam, where you could grab some of its most popular games like Vermintide or Total War 2 marked down.

The event is expanding its horizons this year, coming to the most platforms it’s ever been on. You’ll be able to hit up sales on its usual Steam page, but Games Workshop will also add festival deals on Xbox, Windows 10, GOG, Nintendo Switch, and the Apple App Store.

While Warhammer Skulls marks the beginning of a busy E3 month for the company, and the industry at large, it’s not the only thing it’s recently made news for. Back in March, Games Workshop recently picked up the animator behind Astartes, and later announced that it hired Syama Pedersen to make Astartes 2. The company has 11 new animated projects in the works, which it will begin streaming in July.

Our very own Cian Maher also recently previewed Total War: Warhammer 3, noting that it looks to be the definitive game of the series.

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