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Games Inbox: What PS5 game has the best graphics?

The Thursday Inbox is worried about the graphics in Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, as one reader is disappointed by Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

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Pick of the bunch
Starting to get very excited about the PlayStation 5 release now, since my pre-order has gone through, but I was watching the PS5 Showcase for the hundredth time and tried to decide what looks like the most technically impressive PlayStation 5 game. It’s hard to tell because I’m sure a lot of those videos have been… finessed but for me the top contenders are Demon’s Souls and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

I would add Horizon Forbidden West but I always found the reveal trailer a bit underwhelming and when they announced it was also going to be on PlayStation 4 that kind of explained it for me.

I’m assuming a lot of these games won’t be out till late next year at most, so the fact that the two best looking games are out almost at launch is pretty impressive to me. I have to admit that I’m intimidated about Demon’s Souls’ difficulty but I like the idea of all the in-game help and I love the look of it. Only two weeks to go now!

Gaming genius
Why am I not surprised that Bethesda aren’t making a brand-new engine for Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6? I was ambivalent about the Microsoft buyout but if that helps knock some sense into them and up their game graphically it’ll be well worth it. Although it seems Microsoft has already convinced itself that Todd Howard is some kind of gaming genius that can do wrong, rather than the worst thing about the entire company.

I don’t like to get to personal but it seems to me that he’s the one behind all the dumb decisions of Fallout 76 and the lack of innovation in general. For me the best things to come out of Bethesda in the last generation have all been from other studios, stuff like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Dishonored, that he’s had little or nothing to do with.

I’m hopeful that Starfield is going to be good, because it sounds exactly like my sort of thing but I’m already prepared for a janky, bug-filled game with bad graphics. After all, it’s the Bethesda way!

Told you so
Add Yakuza: Like A Dragon to the list of games that sound like a bad idea and then turn out to be exactly that. I know you said it was actually a pretty good game but I don’t understand why the change to turn-based combat. That really puts me off and I thought everyone agreed that the fighting was the best bit of the previous games?

It was a bit shallow but surely it would’ve been better to give it a bit more depth than just change it to like a role-playing game? I really like the idea of the story and the main character but now I think I won’t get it day one, I’ll wait till it goes cheap, which probably won’t be long.

I know turn-based games have their fans but I’ve always found it too slow and long-winded and the thought of level grinding and playing through dungeons in Yakuza just sounds wrong, even if they are just car parks or whatever.

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Everything but the swimming
Having played Super Mario Galaxy recently and collecting 120 stars for the first time (I only got to 117 stars on the Wii version) I have thoroughly enjoyed it, as the 3D Mario platform games are my favourite type of games (along with others) but the only thing with them is I never get on well with the swimming levels in them and I am always cursing because I cannot get the hang of swimming on the surface, as well as underwater.

Part of the reason is I can’t do inverted controls. Is there any sections of games GameCentral or their readers don’t like in their favourite games(?) or doesn’t have to be your favourite games. I know some people don’t like stealth sections shoehorned into games that aren’t primarily stealth based games.
Andrew J.
PS: Wargame: Red Dragon is free on PC on Epic Store today from 4pm.

GC: Options to invert (or un-invert) the game were recently added to the Switch version.

VR cat-astrophe
On Sunday evening I was piloting an X-wing and just about to take a star destroyer down when the screens went blank. Upon removing my headset I saw my cat chewing on the cable that leads from the headset to the processor. Further inspection revealed many bite marks along the length of the cable.

Sony quoted £175 for repair, which is just too much. Local console repair firms have said they wouldn’t attempt a repair as it would be difficult to do and likely to fail again. A national firm have said they would attempt a repair for £99 on a no fix no fee basis.

Searching the internet shows that chew happy pets are a common problem for PlayStation VR, so I wanted to ask your knowledgeable readers if anyone had any experience with PlayStation VR cable repair or replacement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Essential entertainment
I’d like to throw in with the guys and girls saying that game stores possibly should be essential and be allowed to keep trading. Gaming is good for your mental health, it relieves (and creates) stress. Gaming increases your mental capabilities and improves hand-to-eye coordination. It also allows us to keep in contact with real (sometimes a-holes) people that we may not get to see because they are shielding/in lockdown.

Without it we are left with poor local TV, streaming services which are now starting to recycle old movies and TV shows, and Youtube which, unless you develop a new hobby every few days, can be pretty poor especially as most content creators are in the same boat as we are.

GC: Why would a game store be deemed essential when games are also easily available as downloads or from retailers that will happily post them out to you?

Interactive movie
The Ghostbusters game is really good if you are a fan of the films. I missed out on it when it was first released but it really does capture the essence of the films. The final boss was extremely irritating until I consulted the internet and then he was pretty easy.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if it is still reduced. I’m half tempted to try and get the cartoony Wii version if I can buy it very cheaply, just to see how it plays with motion controls.

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Legion of complaints
I’ve seen a lot of people down on Watch Dogs: Legion in the last few days and I have to say… I’m going to add to that. I really liked the last one and so since this was set in the UK I felt I had to get it but almost immediately I regretted it. The whole thing just feels off, like GC said you can tell the people behind it aren’t British and nothing feels right. From the way it constantly mixes up what people look and sound like and their job to the fact that there barely seems to be any middle class people in the game at all.

I seem to remember a GC interview where the director said he’d visited London a bunch of times and the whole game just feels like that, like someone that visited for a couple of days once or twice but never really got any real insight into what’s going on.

The story is terrible and not really about politics or anything at all. It’s just like how Ubisoft pretend Far Cry 5 was about Christian cults but in the end it dodged the issue completely. And just like that game it’s not like Watch Dogs had to be about that stuff but why pretend and then not go through with it?

The action is fine but I found myself getting bored of the missions (break into building and hack the server has got to be at least 50% of all of them) pretty quick. The whole villains of London thing is dumb too, especially the evil AI mogul, that whole bit was just cringey. It’s a miss for me and if that’s it for the franchise I wouldn’t really care.

Inbox also-rans
I hate to be that guy, but Bloody Palace was actually introduced in Devil May Cry 2. It’s understandable you’d overlook this, we’re all trying to forget Devil May Cry 2…

GC: Clearly some are trying harder than others, but we accept your wisdom.

I enjoyed that article on Dungeons & Dragons, GC, do you intended to do more like that? It does actually seem like something fun to try over lockdown.

GC: Yes, probably. If anyone has any specific requests or questions about tabletop role-playing and gaming then that will help us plan for the future.

This week’s Hot Topic
The topic for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Simon, who asks what is your favourite ever console?

Regardless of when it was originally released what is your favourite console (not home computer) and why? How much of its appeal is due to the hardware and its peripherals as opposed to just the software? What did the console do better than others, that makes it so memorable, and how much influence does it have on the modern day?

How much is nostalgia influencing your choice and do you think the console and its games still have broad appeal today? What makes a good console and how well do you think the current and upcoming formats have learnt the lessons of the past?

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