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Future’s Rewritten is the next patch for Final Fantasy 14

The teaser site for Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.3 is now live. Also known as Future’s Rewritten, patch 5.3 is bringing new a new dungeon, main scenario storyline, raids, and relic weapon progression.

Future’s Rewritten is the first significant update to Final Fantasy 14 since the Reflections In Crystal patch that came out back in June. So with it comes the mantle of responsibility to deliver on something special. Thankfully, a lot is coming in this patch.

The main scenario questline’s continuation is, of course, the star attraction. With Reflections In Crystal wrapping up the last major storyline, Future’s Rewritten is likely setting up what’s to come in Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion.

“With Elidibus defeated and the fate of the First secured, the Scions make their long-awaited return to the Source,” reads the plot synopsis for Future’s Rewritten. “But in the new future they now look towards, will that which is written upon the pages of history be an anthem of hope…or a dirge of despair?”

If you’re a fan of raiding in Final Fantasy 14, patch 5.4 introduces Eden’s Promise, the third wing of the Eden raid series, covering the escapades of Ryne, Gaia, and the Warrior Of Darkness. Eden’s Promise is the first update to the Eden raid series since patch 5.2, Echos Of A Fallen Star, which came out back in February. Both the normal and savage difficulty variants for Eden’s Promise should hit once patch 5.4 goes live.

Though if you’re more into casual PVE content, Future’s Rewritten has you covered. Matoya’s Relict, the new four-person dungeon, is coming with this patch as well.

“The Makers’ Quarter was once home to some of the finest crafters Eorzea had ever seen, but it has lain in forgotten ruin since the Sharlayan exodus,” reads the descriptor for Matoya’s Relict. “It is there, hidden amidst overgrown foliage, that the entrance to the former workshop of the Archon Matoya can be found.”

Finally, the continuation of the relic weapon storyline is coming in Future’s Rewritten. The Sorrow of Werlyt will see the next step in the Chronicles of a New Era relic storyline.

A definite release date for Future’s Rewritten isn’t quite here yet. However, the teaser site does tentatively state early December. We likely won’t know until the next Letter From The Producer Live, which streams on November 27.

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