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FrostedGH Just Nailed The Most Impressive Full Combo In Guitar Hero History

Twitch streamer FrostedGH, considered by many to be the best Guitar Hero player in the world, just destroyed one of the most notorious songs in all of rhythm gaming, “Soulless 5”. Frosted had already full-combo’d this song before, and is one of only two people in the world who has done it.

But this time, he did it even faster.

The “Soulless” series is a series of five Guitar Hero tracks, made by the Guitar Hero community member ExileLord. The five-track series is notorious in the Guitar Hero community, and puts “Through the Fire and Flames” and “Jordan” to absolute shame.

To full-combo a song means to hit 100% of the notes without ever losing your multiplier, and FrostedGH is the only gamer in the world to have full-combo’d the entire series. More recently, he revisited “Soulless 5” to tackle it at a faster clip – playing the song at 110% speed.

This feat was accomplished live on his Twitch channel after less than a week of grinding. For comparison, his original grind for the song at regular speed took months, so it’s safe to say he has improved a lot. “Soulless 5” is a behemoth of a track, with few sections that any average player could full-combo even once. At 110% speed, the song is 15 minutes and 45 seconds long, with an average note speed of 11.7 notes per second.

At the fastest sections of the song, Frosted is strumming at nearly 30 notes per second, or tapping hammer-ons at 40 notes per second.

He has to bring up both hands to the fret buttons, a method called “tapping”, in order to handle the insane amounts of hammer-ons being thrown at him. For handling faster strumming seconds, he makes a claw shape with his strumming hand, then strums with multiple fingers at once. This allows him to strum more than once per strumming motion, by hitting the strum bar with multiple separate fingers as he moves his hand.

These methods are incredibly difficult for any player to perform, even at sections that they practice for hours, but Frosted makes it look easy, masterfully perfecting every section of the song while making small talk with his Twitch chat, even keeping his composure when he receives a $100 donation from a viewer during the track.

This achievement is amazing, and perhaps the most impressive full combo that the community has ever seen. A song as long as this has so much potential for error, and the diversity in the songstructure leaves players with a lot of techniques and patterns to learn.

Yet FrostedGH but the song to shame by perfecting it at a faster speed than originally intended. With how quickly he got a successful 110% attempt, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him tackle it again at even higher speeds. 125% maybe? Let’s hope.

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