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FromSoftware Might Be Working On A New Armored Core

It seems FromSoftware isn't content with just working on one of the biggest games of the year. It appears that the developer may be working on a new Armored Core game as well. The news first broke on Resetera, where Red Liquorice claimed that they had completed a survey for "a new Armoured Core game with description, screenshots and two 30 second-ish videos of gameplay".

They went on to say that the first video featured a boss fight, while the second involved some in-world footage in a snowy area. While they did share screenshots of the description, the images and videos were avoided as they had a unique ID watermarked into them.

The description noted a "sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki" with "From Software's unique and deep Sci-Fi world view and multi-layered story. “The game is a TPS (third person shooter) mecha action title that lets you move around an overwhelmingly scaled map that represents a unique sci-fi world with dynamic mech action,” reads the alleged survey. “You will face strong enemies and fierce battles both long and short range using guns and blades”.

In a follow up post, Red Liquorice tried the describe the videos in the best way they could, saying, "The boss fight looked quite Soulsy – the long range gunfire reminded me of Virtua On, that's my frame of reference, I'm not a mech fan and haven't played any AC games. The player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style."

"The field gameplay, the player in the same white mech seemed to be following a couple of other players in the distance (co-op?)," they continued. "and they were walking (flying close to the ground maybe) through a snowy area towards either a large wall or gate, this seemed Soulsy too, the vastness of the architecture, but it wasn't a castle more like a worn down metal/stone wall or gate. It was quite short."

There's been no official word or statement by FromSoftware as of yet, so you might want to take this news with a pinch of salt.

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