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FromSoft Has "Several New Projects" In Development

Even though the hype surrounding Elden Ring has maintained months after its launch, the focus is starting to shift to what FromSoftware has planned for the future. Epecially after a tweet from the studio advertising various roles has hinted it might be returning its focus to the long-dormant Armored Core series.

The tweet, which was highlighted by Nibellion, mentions “multiple new projects”, but doesn't actually mention any of them by name. Fans of FromSoft's games have naturally been combing through the listing, searching for clues pointing to which upcoming projects the studio is hiring for. The areas in which FromSoft is recruiting include game design, programming, art design, and animation, so no real clues there.

GamesRadar highlights that FromSoft's need for a Game Planner likely means whatever projects the studio has in mind, they will currently be in very early development. It also points out that one description for a character design role specifically mentions mecha design. That's why FromSoft's hunt for new employees to work on upcoming projects is an indicator that its Armored Core series will be revived for the first time since Verdict Day which launched in 2013.

Armored Core was an incredibly important series for FromSoft at one time. It launched five core games between 1997 and 2012, and a number of add-ons and spinoffs during that time too, ending with the aforementioned Verdict Day. A solitary clue in a job description isn't the only reason to think Armored Core 6 might be in development either. There were rumors earlier this year after someone leaked what they claimed to be images and early gameplay from the unannounced title.

There are other things FromSoft could be working on, of course. The tweet does make mention of multiple projects after all. Elden Ring fans remain hopeful the hugely popular Game of the Year contender will get some DLC. There's also an outside chance that some of the roles FromSoft is currently recruiting for are for an Elden Ring sequel.

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