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Fortnite’s Next Live Event Takes Place Tomorrow And Features Galactus

It’s all been leading to this – Galactus will finally make an appearance in Fortnite on December 1. All season we’ve been thrown Marvel character after Marvel character in anticipation of some big event. Epic Games finally offered a glimpse at this event, as you’ll be able to “Fight Galactus” this Tuesday at 4pm ET.

The news was revealed in a short blog by Epic Games and followed up with numerous reminder tweets. They didn’t provide us with much info – just some ominous music and a release date – but we know the event will revolve around the big purple menace. We’re not entirely sure what to expect, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the island completely transformed yet again at the conclusion of the battle.

This season of Fortnite has, arguably, been one of its best. Introducing iconic Marvel characters to the already popular world of Fortnite was a boon for the game – one that’s had to fight off stiff competition from Warzone and Apex Legends. If past Live Events are anything to go by, then this conclusion to Nexus War isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

Epic Games knows this event is going to be popular, so it’s recommending you take a few steps before attempting to join in on the fun:

  • Download update 14.60 to your preferred device.
  • Download Houseparty (so you can video chat while attending the event).
  • Get in early. Epic Games is suggesting you log into Fortnite at least an hour before the event starts, with the event playlist going live 30 minutes prior to launch.

There’s also a lengthy list of tasks specifically geared towards content creators. This includes linking your YouTube and Support-A-Creator accounts, reviewing the latest Fortnite Content Guidelines, and checking back on a few other regulations. A full list can be found on the official Fortnite website.

Fortnite’s next live event will kick off December 1 at 4pm ET – bringing with it the end of the season and the start of something new.

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