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Fortnite Season 6 WARNING: Season 7 launch event will wipe these items from the map

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Fortnite Season 7 is launching today, and gamers have been warned that means some items will be disappearing too.

The good news is that while we don’t know what is being planned for the new season, there’s a good chance that these disappearing items will be replaced.

For now, we know that the end of Fortnite Season 6 will include the removal of Primal and Makeshift weapons.

This was a big part of Season 6 and is expected to disappear as soon as servers go offline at 7am BST later today.

A message from Epic Games explains: “Fauna is flourishing on the Island. After hunting down a beast of the land, if you have a Makeshift weapon in your inventory, interact with the Animal Bones to craft a Primal version of that weapon. Primal weapons tend to deal higher damage than others.

“You can also pick up the Animal Bones instead of interacting. Once picked up, they’ll appear in your inventory Resources so you can craft a Primal weapon later. To do this, just open up the inventory menu, switch to the Crafting tab, and select which of your equipment to change. Have a Makeshift Rifle? Craft it into a Primal Rifle.”

So what is being planned to replace these items with the launch of Fortnite Season 7 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC platforms?

Epic Games hasn’t said much but have shared a few teasers that provide some hints.

This includes a number of items being shared in snippets on Twitter, including a new Alien weapon.

The Fortnite Alien shotgun is expected to play a big role during Season 7 and could be a meta-changer.

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The official Fortnite description reads: “Final designs of proximity deterrent device now rendering. Lab results show positive effect on target movement and trajectory.”

But as many gamers have already pointed out, the shotgun revealed by Epic Games actually comes from Save the World, the original Fortnite experience.

What this means for the game, in general, is anyone’s guess but it seems likely that more Alien weapons will be added to Fortnite this week.

And it would make a pretty good fit to replace the primal weapons with a new wave of craftable items from outer space.

For now, we only have the small collection of hints Epic Games has shared, although fans won’t have to wait long for more information.

At 7am BST on June 8, Fortnite servers will be taken offline across all platforms, rendering the game unplayable.

And while everything is offline for maintenance, Epic Games will share its first Fortnite Season 7 trailer.

This is expected to spill the beans on everything being planned for the new season, so expect more news on those weapon replacements in the coming hours.

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