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Fortnite May Combine Its Alien Invasion With A Star Trek Crossover

Fortnite’s Primal season is almost over, and the alien invasions and Star Trek references are big clues as to what players can expect to see next.

If you’re part of a major franchise and that franchise hasn’t become a part of the Fortnite universe, then you are doing something wrong. Anyone who is anyone has appeared in the game at this point, and even bitter rivalries that have roared on for decades don’t matter when you’re in The Loop. Batman fights alongside Deadpool, and even PlayStation and Xbox have managed to find common ground inside the battle royale.

There are still some pretty big movies and TV shows out there that are yet to step onto the island, one of which is Star Trek. With aliens seemingly invading the island to mark the start of season seven, now would be the perfect time to introduce Star Trek to Fortnite.

All clues point to the wheels already being in motion in that regard. Fortnite has been dropping a number of clues as to what’s coming next via its Discord, all of which can be linked to Star Trek. The most obvious was the posting of the Vulcan salute, which handily has its own emoji. A video with a number of different sounds has also been posted. One of the phrases mentioned is “universal translation malfunction”, another tie-in to Star Trek.

As if all of that wasn’t already enough to confirm Star Trek is Fortnite-bound, Epic’s Donald Mustard has also been getting in on the fun. Clues as to what’s coming to Fortnite can often be seen in the background of clips he posts. One from a while ago features a reference to GI Joe, who has since become a part of Fortnite lore. There also appears to be a movie poster for Star Trek Into Darkness.

Fortnite players could be forgiven for suffering from crossover fatigue during seasons four and five. Although they didn’t come to a complete stop in season six, Epic did ease off significantly. It remains to be seen how busy season seven will be in that regard. However, with Star Trek almost certainly incoming, and a Superman crossover also all-but-confirmed, it’s going to be a busy start.

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