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Fortnite lending its own skins to Destiny 2 according to datamine

For once, it’s Fortnite that’s crossing over into another game, with a Destiny 2 datamine revealing new armour based on three Fortnite skins.

Whenever the words ‘Fortnite’ and ‘crossover’ appear in the same sentence, it’s usually because another beloved media franchise has lent its characters to the battle royale, but not this time.

The game is now defined by its cameos, which is why the idea of Fortnite cameoing in someone else’s game is weirdly unthinkable, despite the fact that it seems to be happening.

We can’t imagine most Fortnite players picked the game up to play as any of the original characters/skins, but they’re apparently enough of a selling point to be added to Destiny 2, of all games.

Nothing’s been officially announced yet, but a Destiny 2 dataminer known as Ginsor recently uncovered evidence of the skins’ existence in the game’s files.

Specifically, a piece of promotional artwork depicting three armour sets based on select Fortnite skins: Black Knight, Drift, and Omega.

Honestly, anyone unfamiliar with Fortnite could easily mistake these for wholly original designs, but between the online reactions and our own comparisons, it’s all looking very real.

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