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Fortnite Leakers Think New Grandfather Clock Is Teasing Stranger Things Crossover

Three years after its initial crossover with the Netflix show, there's renewed hope that Stranger Things is returning to Fortnite. The game's v22.10 update has now gone live, and hidden away in its files is a grandfather clock that looks a lot like the one that was featured prominently in Stranger Things' latest season.

FNLeaksAndInfo appears to have been the first to notice the clock added to Fortnite's files (via Hypex) along with a grandfather clock texture. No indicator as to what it might be used for, but the texture looks a little like it could be turned into a wrap. As for the clock itself, as you can see in Hypex's tweet, it looks very similar to the one from Stranger Things.

Granted, most grandfather clocks look pretty similar. It's a natural connection to make for Fortnite-playing Stranger Things fans though since the two entities have crossed over once before. A 2019 collaboration between the two brought Hopper and Demogorgon skins to the game during what was a somewhat underwhelming crossover considering the possibilities. No Upside Down LTM and no Eleven complete with her unique abilities.

The first clue that Stranger Things might return to Fortnite came earlier this year, right in the middle of the show's most recent season. Something codenamed WaffleWarrior was discovered in Fortnite's files, leading many to believe it was a reference to the waffle-loving El. The second half of the season came and went with nothing official confirmed nor more clues that another crossover was coming.

More than three months later and the grandfather clock is the first new clue pointing to more Stranger Things content in Fortnite, if it's even connected to the Netflix show at all. With season five probably at least two years away, it's unclear why now would be dubbed the right time for a crossover. The outline for Stranger Things season five has only just been written. Its creators posted a photo of it online but pixelated the image so fans couldn't gloss anything from it.

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