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Fortnite: How The New Pizza Party Healing Item Works

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A new hotfix hit Fortnite on Tuesday just like always and, of course, there's new content to explore and become familiar with. Just last week Klombos, a type of giant dinosaur, were added to the game to the game, and they'll most likely be around until the end of this season since they were added with a set of Klombo-related challenges.

This week a new healing item was added too: the Pizza Party. Sure, there are more healing items in the game now than ever before, but it's always nice to have extra. Here's where you can get the item, how it works, and what you can do with it.

How Does The Pizza Party Item Work?

Firstly, it's important to understand what the new Pizza Party item is for and how good it actually is. The Pizza Party is literally a pizza box with delicious pizza slices on the inside. Since Tilted Towers have thawed at last, now Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit can finally thrive again and produce their pizzas, "healthier pizza" apparently, as advertised on the box.

Inside the box, there are eight Slurphroom Pizza slices. The item is meant to be shared by an entire four-player squad, so each player can eat two slices. The pizza slices provide 25 Health and 25 Shield simultaneously but only until the player reaches a max of 100 Health and 50 Shield. You can also take a couple of slices with you to use later if there are any leftovers.

Where To Find The Pizza Party Item

There are a few different ways to get this new Fortnite item. Pizza Party boxes can be found in chests, inside supply drops, loot llamas, and also as floor loot, but it's an Epic item, so it's a bit more uncommon compared to mini shields and big shields.

Alternatively, you can get pizza from the notorious Tomatohead NPC inside the restaurant at Tilted Towers. He has a stock of four pizza boxes, and they'll be available for purchase for 50 gold each.

How To Use The Pizza Party Item

Using the item is pretty simple. All you have to do is carry the box somewhere safe, then throw it. You can throw it just like you would throw any other healing item in the game, you have to press the aim button and then the throw/shoot button. You can eat a slice or two on the spot, or you can also take a few of them with you.

Could the addition of this item be a hint that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really are coming to Fortnite soon? Tons of crossover events have been happening for a while now, so it's not completely impossible.

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