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Fortnite: How Fortnite Escape Rooms Work

Fortnitemares has officially started and there are many, many quests that you can complete to get awesome themed rewards. There are the regular good ol' Fortnitemares quests, but there's also something completely different that might just be what you're looking for.

Fortnite is creating its own escape rooms, although these aren't physical escape rooms, you're going to receive some tasks and have to complete them in order to move on to the next room. This guide will explain how everything goes and how you can get through them and earn Fortnitemares rewards.

How Fortnite Escape Rooms Work

Fortnite has come up with the Escape Rooms event as a way to celebrate Fortnitemares. Players that participate will have the chance to earn exclusive rewards. It's not like any other escape room, you'll have to finish certain tasks and then move on to a new room. After you've managed to get through all four rooms, you will have completed the entire event.

To participate in the Fortnite Escape Rooms event, first, you'll have to register on the official website. Simply go to the Fortnite Escape Rooms page and log in with your Epic Games account so that Epic Games can track your in-game progress during the event. Each room has its own set of missions, and you will have to complete them to earn a reward and move to the next room. Here are all escape room tasks and their respective tasks:

Room 1
  • Catch 30 fish.
  • Eliminate 10 opponents.
  • Finish a match in the Top Ten three times.
"Spoooooky" emoticon
Room 2
  • Place Top Five ten times.
20,000 XP
Room 3
  • Survive 30 storm phases.
"Octoeye" spray
Room 4
  • Eliminate 40 opponents.
"Niterave" wrap

The first room is the only one to have multiple tasks, the following rooms only have one task each. However, they will take a considerable amount of time to complete.

You can only complete these tasks in the regular Battle Royale game mode and the Zero Build game mode. It would be much easier to do all of these quests in Team Rumble, but unfortunately, it is not allowed.

The website will track your progress automatically, but you can also refresh it manually by clicking the "Check my stats" button. The Escape Rooms event will run until November 1, 2022, at 1:59 AM ET, the end of Fortnitemares.

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