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Fortnite: All Chapter Three Season One Milestones

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A while back Fortnite had a type of challenge known as Rare Quests. You could complete various stages and they would usually become progressively more difficult to complete but they'd give players a good deal of experience points to reward them for their hard work. Milestones work quite similarly to Rare Quests except they've been tweaked here and there, hence the new name for them.

The difference is that with Milestones you always have to complete a task a certain number of times to reach the next stage, the number doesn't increase so it doesn't get harder to complete and it also doesn't require more grinding.

Milestone Quests

There are 18 different Milestone Quests to complete. You will have to repeat them twenty times if you want to complete them in full. You will receive 8,000 XP each time you complete a stage of a Milestone Quest.

QuestHow Many Per StageTotal
Complete bounties10200
Place Top 1015300
Spend bars2,50050,000
Search chests or ammo boxes751,500
Catch fish20400
Destroy trees2505,000
Hunt wildlife25500
Reboot teammates5100
Thank the bus driver10200
Consumed foraged items25500
Damage opponents5,000100,00
Destroy opponent structures2505,000
Harvest materials2,50050,000
Use bandages or medkits501,000
Vending machine purchases10200
Travel distance while riding a car or truck5,000100,000
Open Vaults5100

For now, these are all the Milestone Quests available for Fortnite's Chapter Three Season One. It is, of course, possible that more quests may be added in the future if players get through these quickly enough. Since these tasks aren't all that difficult, you can simply progress through (most of) them as you play naturally as long as you have a varied enough type of gameplay.

You can take them down as well as you complete other missions just as the Weekly Quests and the Shanta Quests to save yourself some time. If you do this, you'll certainly max out the Battle Pass in no time.

How To Check Your Progress

If you want to see how you're doing on a certain quest. you have to press the Map keybind/ button and then select the Quests tab. Then, there are three types of quests: Daily, Season, and Milestones.

Go down to the Milestones section and select it and feel free to explore all there is to do. You will also notice that there are Milestone Bonus Goals that will grant you more XP for completing a certain amount of Milestone Quest stages, meaning all you have to do is finish these quests and you'll receive the bonuses as you go.

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