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Forspoken: All Cloak Locations

Forspoken allows you to customize Frey, the protagonist, in a few different ways – the most notable feature that you can change around is the cloak that she wears. In Chapter 3, Auden will give you your first cloak – it's not too shabby, but there are better cloaks out there. Once you start exploring the world of Athia, your cloak collection will grow in magnitudes.

There are 25 cloaks in the game, all with different looks and different abilities. With enough time and resources, you can upgrade them to have any stat and ability loadout you want, so you can definitely pick and choose the design you like the best.

All Cloak Locations

The table below shows the appearance, name, and initial abilities of every cloak in the game, as well as where to find them. Most of the cloaks are acquired by going to certain Points of Interest and completing the task there – we have listed the region, area, and task, in that order.




Hooded Cloak

Killer Blows use less Stamina

Given to you by Auden in Chapter 3


Critical Hits can restore Health

Purchase from the Poppet Trader


Your debuffs recover quicker

Purchase from the Poppet Trader


Surge Magic charges when Cuff blocks for you

Praenost – Guardians' Way – Ligare


Cuff's blocks are better

Praenost – Brass Hollow – Brass Cavern


Attack magic is stronger during Magic Parkour

Reduced fall damage

Praenost – The Mustering Ground – Militis Academy


Immunity to daze

Avoalet – The Water Garden – Gyuzel


Improved crit rate when your health is high

Avoalet – The Untrodden Forest – Molybdos Guild


Recovering from defenselessness boosts your Surge Magic recharge rate

Flow effects last longer

Avoalet – Golden Hills – Kabosharr


With full Stamina, Cuff blocks are even stronger

Visoria – Visorian Plateau – Ruins of Mercador


Attack magic during Magic Parkour is better at generating Surge Magic charge

Visoria – Academy Hills – Redclaw Cavern


Stamina recovers when Cuff makes a last-chance block

Improved Stamina recovery

Visoria – South Plateau – Niccoline Guild


Defense boost when a Healing Draught is used

Junoon – Physic Garden – Bhulna Village


Health restoration upon defeating an enemy

Junoon – Farcoast Terrace – Oxys Guild


Evading Piercing Attacks restores health

Flow speed increase

Junoon – The Harvest Lands – The Forbidden Meadow


When your health is low, poison damage slows down by half

Praenost – Guardians' Way – Locked Labyrinth: Barrier


Enemy numbers boost Surge Magic charge rate

Praenost – The Citadel – Locked Labyrinth: Cliff


Increased damage when your health is full

Cipal – The Blessed Plains – Locked Labyrinth: Hill


Critical hit rate boost when targeting distant foes

Surge Magic recharge boost when targeting distant foes

Avoalet – The Fountainfields – Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base


Critical hit rate up when Surge Magic is fully charged

Critical hits poison enemies

Visoria – Humble Plain – Locked Labyrinth: Field


Support Magic critical hit rate up

Support Magic recharges quicker with full health

Support Magic damage boost

Visoria – Visorian Plateau – Locked Labyrinth: West


Cuff counters give you an attack boost

Cuff counters give you a defense boost

Cuff counters trigger an auto-heal

Junoon – The Wolfwoods – Locked Labyrinth: Forest


Boosted damage with a lower casting rate

Boosted Surge Magic recharge with a lower casting rate

Boosted critical hit rate with a lower casting rate

Junoon – Cipalian Way – Locked Labyrinth: Castle


Damage boost at low health

Surge Magic recharge boost at low health

Critical hit rate boost at low health

Stamina recharge boost at low health

Visoria – Visorian Isthmus – Locked Labyrinth: North


No abilities.

Craft after obtaining the Sewing Kit from the Curious Merchant for 64 Old Coins.

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