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Foresight And Self-Revive Killstreaks Added to Call of Duty: Warzone

Things are heating up today with the release of season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone, with two new surprise killstreaks. Despite a helpful roadmap released prior to the season 6 launch, the team at Infinity Ward has a few more surprises up their sleeves. In addition to all of the planned excitement around the seasons debut, the new killstreaks provides an exciting new functionality to players hoping to take home the Battle Royale victory.

First, as seen in the video above, this new Foresight killstreak appears to be popping up in bunkers throughout Verdansk. Once activated, not only does it show all the circle locations for the entire match, but also includes the circles where the circle is anticipated to move to, giving teams an immense advantage.

Previously, players would have to complete enough recon missions to achieve the same effect, effectively placing them and their teams in harms way nine to ten times to obtain similar information. Nonetheless, bunkers are hard enough to get into due to the fact that most rely on getting the randomly dropped red access card or tackling the Bunker 11 easter egg, so many players will still find themselves working hard for even a single circle peek. Unfortunately, odds are good that within every round, there is bound to be at least one team with the new killstreak added, and may be waiting at the far end of the final circle, ready for the gas to push you right into their crosshairs.

An additional killstreak, while not new, seems to have made its way from plunder mode into the regular battle royale modes via the self-revive killstreak. Typically, players needed to get enough funds to purchase the self revive from buy stations, so adding it as a random drop from chests throughout the map will help players and foes alike stick around just a little longer. Given the current shotgun meta, most won’t survive long enough to activate the killstreak, however, with the arrival of the new sniper rifle with season 6 suggests there may indeed be opportunities to get back into the fight without a trip to the gulag.

For those who missed the season 6 trailer, it can be seen above, or live in-game today. Based on these new killstreaks, don’t count on your enemies being down until you get credit for that kill, and stay alert as the gas begins to move on the final circle, somebody could be waiting for you.

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