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Five Flushes Of Fortune Day 1 Red Items – Genshin Impact Event Guide

The Five Flushes of Fortune event is well underway, and while the event’s title may have you thinking it’s a poker reference (or maybe that was just me), it’s actually a photography event. Who could’ve guessed, right?

Yes, Genshin Impact’s photography event has begun, but what you actually have to do to complete the event isn’t all that obvious, at least not at first. For the first day of this event the game tasks you with taking photographs of red items, but regardless of how many red items you point the camera at it may not work, and there’s no obvious way to get the shutter to trigger and actually take a photograph. Puzzling, right?

Well never fear, for we have already completed the first day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event, and we are going to break down for you exactly how you can complete it too. We’re going to tell you exactly where you need to go, and exactly what you need to point your camera at in order to complete the first day of this event – and we just might come back tomorrow to help you with the next day too, isn’t that nice of us?

For everything you need to know about the event itself make sure to take a look at our full guide explaining it right here, and just scroll down below for the information you need to take photographs of Red Items for the first day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event. Good luck getting those rewards from Ji Tong!

How To Photograph Red Items In Genshin Impact

In case it wasn’t clear yet, you aren’t actually just aiming to point your camera at whatever red object you walk past. Liyue is full of red architecture, buildings, umbrellas, and more, but they do not count. The reason is that you literally need to find red items – as in, items that you can collect or pick up, not just background decorations and scenery. Once you aim your kamera at a relevant item, it’ll be highlighted in a circle, and the photo should take automatically. So in this case, you should be looking for items which include the following…

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Sunsettia
  • Red flowers

There are dozens of items in the game which can count towards this goal, but we’re going to take you to one specific location that should have all that you need.

Where To Easily Photograph Ten Red Items In Genshin Impact

My suggestion on where to go to find red items in the Wangshu Inn, which is North of Liyue. You should already have a fast-travel point ready to take you here whenever you need. Run down to the ground floor just outside of the inn and you should be able to find multiple red bushes with flowers on around the inn.

Each of these bushes will have two flowers on it, and you can photograph each flower once, each counting towards being a unique red item. You can also head underneath the inn and investigate any glowing spots – doing so I found a carrot and a sunsettia, both of which counted as another red item to photograph. This area should easily be able to satisfy your red item needs, but if you need even more, just seek out carrots, sunsettia, or apples.

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