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First-Person Adventure Title Estranged: The Departure Heads To Switch This Year

The intriguingly named first-person adventure game Estranged: The Departure will be getting a port on Switch later this year. Currently planned for a Q4 2020 release, the history behind this title is rather interesting. What started life as a Half-Life 2 mod in 2014 (called Estranged: Act 1) eventually would receive a full-fledged sequel that released earlier this year on PC.

Developed over a period of six years, fans are quite taken with the final result. Receiving an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam, indie dev Alan Edwards is happy to announce his plans to bring the game to new platforms. The Switch port will be the first to happen with an Xbox port coming sometime in 2021.

The best comparison I can make from my limited time with the title is something like Myst. You’ll be exploring a world with limited interactivity and solving puzzles to make progress. The trailer shows that weapons are eventually obtainable, but I haven’t quite progressed to that point. There’s a dreadful mystery that hangs over the island you’re trapped on, pushing you forward to unravel its secrets. It’s very intriguing stuff.

In a press release for the Switch port, Edwards shared his enthusiasm for this title. “With humble beginnings as a mod and inspired by titles such as Half-Life: 2, Estranged: The Departure includes traditional first-person shooter themes, with an engaging story and action/adventure gameplay. I am very excited to bring it to the Nintendo Switch platform, to allow it to be experienced anywhere, any time.”

The trailer promises smooth performance, so this should end up being a solid experience. As excellent as something like Croteam’s The Talos Principle may be (I believe it is the studio’s finest work), the Switch conversion was a bit lacking. You don’t necessarily need 144 fps, but consistent performance will always beat raw visual fidelity.

If this is the first you’re hearing about Estranged: The Departure, you can currently buy the game on Steam for $5.99. That will likely be the same price for its upcoming Switch port, which is a solid entry fee. I’m definitely looking forward to how this portable port comes out as adventure games are perfect for the Switch.

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