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Find Out What Wumpa Fruit Tastes Like With Crash Bandicoot G-Fuel

Taste the Wumpa with a new limited edition, official Crash Bandicoot G Fuel flavor. This Wumpa Fruit version of G Fuel is already up for pre-order to celebrate the launch of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Thirsty fans already scooped up all the tubs, but there’s plenty of cans to go around.

Mario has coins, and Sonic has rings. Crash’s collectible is the Wumpa Fruit, an abundant snack that looks like an apple. In fact, many Japanese localizations of Crash games call them apples. Does that mean Wumpa G Fuel tastes like apple. Probably not, if the nutrition facts are anything to go by. The formula is based on “turmeric + green tea + kale + broccoli + blueberry extracts.” So there will still be some fruit in the flavor profile, but the taste of Wumpa remains a mystery.

The only way to find out is to pre-order from G-Fuel’s website. Orders put in now will ship between November 5-11. Unfortunately for international fans, the cans will only ship to U.S. addresses. But who knows? Maybe with enough fan demand, G Fuel will put out more Wumpa Fruit flavored tubs and cans. It worked for Sonic, who is seeing his G Fuel come back for his 30th anniversary.

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